Professional Tips For Wearing The Perfect Accessories

First impressions are important, and research has found that we only give someone an average of 7 seconds before we form a solid first impression of them. The clothes that you wear and your fashion choices are a big part of this first impression. How you accessorise an outfit can make it look beautiful, or can make it stand out for all the wrong reasons, so make sure that you choose wisely. Oscar de la Renta said “a woman makes an outfit her own with accessories,” and this is true – they can turn an off-the-peg outfit into something truly stunning. 

How much is too much? 

According to a survey done by fashion magazine Dfrow, 43% of people say that 3-4 accessories is the right amount, for instance a ring, a necklace, a bracelet and some earrings. 12% of people said 5-6 accessories is acceptable, but only 2% said they would really go to town and wear more. With most outfits, 3-4 accessories is plenty, without being overwhelming. Chanel famously said that you should always subtract one accessory before you leave the house. Another common technique is to do a quick spin in front of the mirror, if anything glaringly glints at you or stands out, then remove that accessory. 

Coordinate your jewelry

Think about your own style and aesthetic when you get dressed every day. Perhaps you favor a more boho, festival look. Or if you’re in the office, you might go for more minimalist, classic garments. Matching your jewelry to your personal style will ensure that you are always in fashion. If you like a boho look, then layers of necklaces and bracelets work well, or stackable rings made of delicate metals. A minimalist look may include a pair of simple diamond or pearl earrings, or a classic gold pendant. 

Choose a statement piece 

If you’re going out for the night, or attending a special event, then choose one statement piece that you love. Fashion Designer Rachel Zoe said “I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor,” so go for that chunky, geometric chain, or a gold, Egyptian collar necklace. One statement piece with an outfit is generally enough though, or it may look a little overwhelming. 

The right accessories can make or break an outfit. Matching your jewelry with your own personal style aesthetic will ensure that you always look fabulous. 

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