Rasheeda Blakely Chicago Soul Food Restaurant Owner Killed Boyfriend Jashaun Matthews Details Discussed

Rasheeda Blakely is a chef in the soul food restaurant and proprietor who killed Jashanun Matthews and cut him and corpse with the meals also she serves to the purchasers. The story was written by Quan Millz, an author. He is one of the fictional writers and the story of where a Chicago restaurant owner and chef Rasheeda Blakely, killed her boyfriend, Jashanu Matthews. This actual incident was now an illustration for many precise tales blended. The story writer has reached the screen and precise the viewers by Miliz’s script.    

Rasheeda Blakely, Restaurant Owner, Killed her Boyfriend and was arrested

Rasheeda Blakely, the owner of the Chicago restaurant, devoted a crime which unfolded his writing. This story will tell the readers Rasheeda chops off her boyfriend body and sells that them with her prospects. Millz is one of the inspiring authors, and he will also dedicate his work and manage it to reach out the love and crime twist in his love stories to the readers. Quan Millz is one of the prolific writers and he will profound dubbed a mastermind of urban fiction.

He has experience in writing and also, and he will precisely capture and convey the grit, emotion, rawness, and controversy which often the life of black metropolis. Quan Millz is the best poet, graphic collector, and intelligent, all together with his phrases. It is also not shocking that he will become darkish the codic metropolis tales, which multiply and addictive the readers to read his stories.

Apart from the above books, he also wrote the stories like Crack Hoe Dreams, Pregnant by My Mother’s Gay Husband, Live from Cutter, and many others. He has written many fiction books, and some of his books have gained more popularity. Mostly he prefers to write thriller crime stories, and once reading his stories, he will make up addictive tales about life on series. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, the United States of America.        

What Happened to Jashaun Matthews After Death?

The story written by Quan Millz Jashuan was served to consumers who came to Soul Food restaurant located at 1185 W 2 hundredth, in Chicago based on the story. Now continues to the story that Rasheeda Blakely is a chef from Chicago based Soul Food restaurant at she is 37 years old. The Chicago police has arrested her On Friday, for murdering her boyfriend, Jashaun Mathews.

He is 29 years old, came from the Kenwood, and was a kind type of man. Rasheeda and Joshua were in a relationship, and then she murdered him and served his intestines to the customer who came to the restaurant to eat. This story is heart-wrenching, and a few crime and pattern-hiding stories will fall beneath the pillow. The fashionable crime lover will read his writing of the story about Jashaun and Rasheeda. It is also believed that it occurred and actual tales in the American story. Most Millz story followers will love how the writer presents his story entirely and differently from other stories.     

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