Reasons why fans Suspect Selling Sunset Mary Fitzgerald Had Cocaine? Drugs Rumors Debunked!

The majority of people on the internet had the belief that Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald was a client and user of cocaine. The year 2019 saw the beginning of Mary Fitzgerald’s rise to fame with the debut of the first season of Selling Sunset on Netflix. A new reality program will centre on the real estate company The Oppenheim Group, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles. Before beginning her career in reality television, Mary received her education at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, and established herself as a prominent luxury real estate agent in California. Before joining the Oppenheim Group in 2014, she had positions as a buyer’s and seller’s agent, and currently, she is concentrating on the latter function. Her previous experience includes working in property management.

Why do fans suspect Mary Fitzgerald had cocaine?

Reddit users’ wild supposition that Mary Fitzgerald was under the influence of cocaine during the third season was fueled by the fact that she had a runny nose. When the new season starts, there are new theories that should be taken into consideration. Surprisingly, members of the well-known online site known as Reddit are already speculating about whether or not Mary Fitzgerald is participating in psychological treatment. Chrishell’s close friend Mary chose to confront the gang, contrary to her usual demeanour, as depicted in the tale. Fans of Mary may be guessing that she is taking drugs to explain her out-of-character conduct as a result of her activities such as these, which are considered to be not like her at all.

Recent rumours have Mary Fitzgerald involved with drugs

Since the beginning of the new season, there has been a noticeable difference in Mary Fitzgerald’s behaviour, which has led some people to suspect that she is now participating in treatment. Many people are under the impression that Mary, a real estate agent, is participating in therapy, even though she is not the kind of exceptional person who would do so. However, rumours across several social media platforms have contributed to this perception. The arrest of a renowned person on suspicion of drug trafficking or sexual assault might make headlines occasionally. Celebrities may participate in such conduct, or fans may start tales to pull them down or create a terrible image. As a result, it is probably a good idea to disregard the baseless rumours until the situation has been verified by the appropriate sources, official websites, or data channels.

Mary Fitzgerald had a dramatic makeover with her hair

Mary Fitzgerald went through a little change of her hairstyle in 2021, and her devoted followers adored the new do. The person has stunning blonde hair and may sometimes experiment with daring new hairstyles. Her hair is pristine, and she exudes an aura of endearing confidence in every interaction. Mary has been easily recognizable over most of her career because of her trademark blonde hair. The content she posts on Instagram provides a fascinating look into her character.

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