Sabrina Clement: Brother Keith Randulich Stabbed Her While Parents Were Away

Keith Randulich, Sabrina Clement’s brother, was charged with murder in 2009. Three years later, he got a sentence of 40 years. Sabrina Clement was a Mokena, Will County a child who was four years old. In May 2009, her brother killed her. Keith Randulich, the murderer, has died. But no one knows when he died.

Her brother stabbed Sabrina Clement while her parents were away.

On May 22, 2009, Clement and her two brothers, one of whom was Keith Randulich, were home alone in Mokena, Illinois. Their 14-year-old brother went with their parents to a school event. A 16-year-old brother went upstairs to play a wrestling video game. Randulich was killed in the basement by Sabrina. He didn’t feel bad about cutting his sister’s neck in half, even though she asked him, __Why are you killing me? Several stab wounds were found on her neck by the police. Randulich said that he had cut his sister with a knife.

Investigators found a lot of scary things in the basement. It was found in horror movies, death metal, and rubber clown masks. After he was locked up, Keith Randulich told police that he killed his sister to protect her from her abusers. Sabrina’s abuse claims were not true. He also said he wanted a gun to kill the abuser because he was “bigger and stronger” than the girl, but his mother stopped him.

Who is Keith Randulich?

Keith Randulich is the well-known American who killed Sabrina Clement. He said he used a steak knife to kill his sister. He cut his four-year-old sister with a knife when he was seventeen. He was born in Mokena, Illinois, on April 16, 1991. He grew up in his hometown. Unfortunately, no one knows who Keith Randulich’s parents are.

Keith Randulich, who is Sabrina Clement’s brother, is in jail.

Keith Randulich, Sabrina Clement’s brother, is in jail because he killed someone. Because of how brutal the murder was, prosecutors first wanted a life sentence. They then asked for a sentence of 60 to 100 years to keep him in prison until he died. Randulich was finally given a 40-year prison sentence on April 14, 2011. He admitted guilt when he was 19 and will be freed when he is 58.

What happened between Keith Randulich and Sabrina Clement?

On May 22, 2009, Sabrina Clement was killed at home. Randulich, her 17-year-old half-brother, killed her. On that day, the parents left the kids home alone. Sabrina didn’t have many neck stabs. Keith told police that he killed his sister with a steak knife. In their basement in Mokena, Illinois, he cut her throat. Randulich didn’t feel bad about cutting his sister’s throat in half while she was crying. He said he helped save her. He thought that one of Sabrina’s relatives was hurting her.

He killed her to stop her from being tortured again. The autopsy on Clement showed no signs of sexual abuse. In the basement, detectives found a lot of horrible things.

Where is Keith Randulich?

In 2011, he was given a 40-year sentence for killing his younger sister. He said he killed someone, so he was punished. Mokena people have been said to have died. No Keith Randulich obituary backs up these claims. He is still alive and in jail.

Parents of Sabrina Clement: Where are they? Her Family

The death of Sabrina Clement shocked her parents. Keith Randulich looked after his brothers and sisters while they were gone. Randulich said that he killed Clement to keep her from being hurt by her family. The facts did not back up what he said.

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