Seven Ways to Save Money When Moving Home

Moving home is exciting, but it can be stressful, too, and costs associated with the relocation can easily mount up. Here are seven ways to help you reduce what you spend during this time and make your move smoother all around.

Get Decluttering!

Having a thorough declutter before instructing a removal company can save you a significant amount of money: the less you have to move, the less cash you’ll need to pay to do so. Get the whole family involved, and go through your belongings with a fine-tooth comb. Think honestly about the things you no longer love, need, or use, and whether now is the right time for them to be rehomed.

Donate items to charity, or have a yard or car boot sale to make some extra money to put towards your moving expenses. 

Consider Renting Your Own Moving Truck

Instead of hiring a removal company, why not consider renting and driving your own moving truck? There are plenty of options available; have a look here for more details, including the price you can expect to pay. Some companies offer roadside assistance in case you run into problems en route or a certain amount of free miles before a per-mile charge is applied.

You may want to ensure that the rental company has a pick-up and drop-off point that’s near to both your current and new home, and think carefully, too, about the size of truck you’ll need, to make sure that you’re not paying for a larger sized vehicle than is required.

Cut Costs On Packing Materials

Rather than buying crates and boxes in which to pack your belongings, get organized and, months in advance, start saving empty boxes and packing material, such as bubble wrap, and ask friends and family members to do the same on your behalf. You could also consider renting packing boxes from your removals company, which is both a cheaper option than buying new and means that you won’t have to deal with disposing of them afterward as the rental company will handle this side of things for you.

Use towels, blankets, soft furnishings, and clothes as extra padding and protection, too, if needed. Suitcases are great for books and other heavy items and can be put to use as a means of storage, too, and laundry bags can be drafted into service to pack a variety of objects.

Get Eating!

As part of the move planning process, have a thorough audit of the food you have in the cupboards, fridge, and freezer, and plan meals going forward to try to use up as much of this food as possible to both save waste, space, and money. Prepare some easy meals in advance to take with you to enjoy during your first few days in the new home, to save on the need for eating out or ordering in.

Book Your Move Off-Season

If you’re going to be using a removal company to help you with the move, then booking then a long time in advance may enable you to access early-bird discounts; even if these aren’t advertised, it’s worth asking for a reduction. The summer months tend to be the most expensive time to book a removal company due to the popularity of this season for house moving, so if you can wait until the autumn, you’ll likely save a considerable amount. The day you move can make a big difference to the charges, too: Friday is the most popular moving day, while Sunday is the least, so booking a removal company on a Sunday could also mean more money stays in your pocket.

Also, bear in mind that most companies will charge per mile so for convenience and to save money, clear your drive in good time so that the truck can be parked directly outside your house.

Sort The Utilities

Avoid paying over the odds from the moment you get the keys to your new property by comparing utility prices in advance so that you’re ready to switch at your earliest convenience and start saving. Use price comparison sites to find the best deals – some companies offer cashback, too. Once you’ve made the switch, put a reminder in your phone or diary so that you can check again once your new contract nears its end to make sure you wouldn’t be getting a better deal elsewhere at that point.

Clean And Tidy

Save money by doing the final clean as a family rather than instructing a cleaning company to come in and do this for you to save big. Get organized and clean as you go, as each room is packed up, and make sure that every member of the family pulls their weight. Don’t forget to clean windows, doors, and sills, too.

Time To Move

Use the tips above to help your house move run smoothly and to save money in the process. Planning ahead as far as possible is the key to all of these hacks, so make a clear schedule that includes all of the tasks that need to be done and tick items off as the big day approaches.

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