Sex Workers Have Moved Online but Adult Phone Lines Is Still In High Demand

As the world continues to advance in digital technology, technology has continued to provide convenience to our lives and makes out everyday life easy. Technology has made it easy for almost any business to be transacted online. From food to clothes, cars, houses, electronics and services, just about anything can be purchased online.

In recent times however, sex workers have begun to harness the potentials of the internet by grabbing the opportunity to play their trade online. Many sex workers have ditched the old fashion way of plying their trade in favor of the more convenient and easy online sex trade.

An online sex activity usually involves users watching sex workers having sex or performing other sexual activities. Online sex comes in various forms and has several advantages.  Some of the advantages include live cam to cam sex, live sex chats, and many more.

With widespread connectivity to the internet, people can access online sex from various internet enabled devices such as computers, smartphones, tabs, etc. Just like any other business, sex workers are now readily available online.

Online Move Has Its Own Challenges

Many sex workers usually meet their customers online, but as they transition to the online world, some do not find the transition an easy solution. This is because online sex work is not just about flashing your body online and getting paid. It could take a long time to gain an online following and it could even take a longer time for your contents to be purchased by your followers.

If a sex worker decides to use and online platform, that means they have to share an agreed percentage of their earnings with the platform. In addition to these challenges, sex workers who move online are also faced with the need to invest in equipments such as laptops, tripods, lightings, sex toys, etc, to enhance their online presence and these may require a substantial injection of finance.

The challenges connected with moving online have made some sex workers discouraged about the whole idea. There are still a considerable number of sex workers who still meet their clients in person.

Rapid Increase Despite Challenges

Despite these challenges, many adult performers moved online to live cam sex sites where audiences paid to watch live sex as traditional sex market shutdown in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many online live sex sites have recorded as much as 75% increase in the numbers of sex workers signing up on the online sex platforms. This is because many have had to choose between having enough money to live and having to risk their live and that of others during a worldwide pandemic is non-negotiable especially as moving online could provide enough money to live and ensure they are safe at the same time.

Adult Phone Sex Lines: Old, but Gold

Adult phone lines have been around for ages. It is almost as old as telephone itself, first originating in 1930. Later in the 20th century, several businesses sprang up through the advent of adult phone lines, with many offering sexual conversations with a profession adult phone line worker for an agreed fee.

Adult phone sex is a conversation which takes place between two consenting adults through the telephone. It usually involves the exchanges of sexually explicit conversation between two or more people and it is intended to stimulate sexual arousal.

Despite being an old format of sex work, adult phone lines are still widely in demand today. There are many reasons why adult phone lines are still widely in demand today. 

One of the primary reasons is that phone sex can be done from the convenience of your home. It doesn’t require any elaborate preparation or details like other formats of sex work. Another reason is for the common demand for phone sex is that it also allows you to share your sexual fantasies. There are so many things you might be willing to try but might be shy to do it in a physical setting. Phone sex boosts your confidence by allowing you to explore your fantasies.


Compared to traditional sex work, online sex a lot of advantages and more and more people are embracing it, it allows users to choose their preferred sex worker from a wide array of sex workers and have live interactions with them. Adult phone lines on the other hand, are still very much in demand due to its convenience and ease of use.

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