Should you try a DIY corporate office move?

So, you have made this big decision to relocate your office. No matter what your reasons were when you decided to execute an office relocation it is always a big decision. Most of the time, the hidden reason behind the complicated decision is the growth and success of the business. However, moving local moves confirm that no matter what, a business relocation comes with lots of pain, difficulties because you have to do lots of tasks. These tasks not only keep your mind occupied all the time with work and stress but can also cause some downtime. If you are planning a corporate move, you can take office decommissioning and liquidation services for your ease.

There are a lot of tasks to do including packing different items, transportation, loading, unloading, labeling boxes, and many more. Though it is quite a difficult task, if you are volunteering to take up the challenge then you can go ahead with a DIY office move. Here you will get a few ideas that will help you in your DIY approach for business relocation.

  • Select the best truck rental 

It is recommended you research at least three companies so that you can get the best possible deal with the best quality services. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family whom you can trust to choose the best out of the heap. You should always choose the one with a track record of having satisfied clients as it increases the chances of getting good services. 

  • Plan before time

Start the planning as earlier as it is possible so that you can have a successful move otherwise you might find yourself scrambling at the last moment. Of course, no one would love to spend their last night strapping the pins in the boxes before the moving day. And still, you might not get prepared for moving on time. Therefore, whenever you decide to move your office, start planning for your move at the same time. 

  • Be diligent in labeling boxes 

Labeling your boxes is very important so that unpacking becomes very easy and the entire move remains organized. You should label the boxes where it should be placed according to the items they contain. Write the location and a number and prepare a spreadsheet according to the labeling. It will help you to make your office move smoother and easier. 

Though these are a few ideas through which you can make your office move easier and smoother but still, you should hire professionals when it comes to the office move. 

Reasons, why hiring professionals is a better option!!!

An office move is not an easier task. Take some time before making a decision. You should be well prepared if you want to have a DIY office move. Have a look at why hiring professionals is a better option. 

  • Get the benefit of insurances offered by movers  

Most of the moving companies provide several types of insurances. So, to get the benefit of insurances, you should hire movers rather than thinking to make this a DIY move. Professionals know it in a better way than how packing, loading, and unloading of the items should be done so that they can be transported safely. So, even the fragile items could be transported safely and even the damage to items happen during transportation then you will not be responsible for it and the movers will pay for the damaged item according to the insurance you bought. 

  • Save time and money 

Moving your office by yourself means you have to put in lots of time, money as well as efforts. So, to save your time and money, hiring professionals is great so that you can focus on the real task of your office rather than thinking about how you can make your move successful. You can leave everything on professionals and can get time to expand and grow your business. You don’t even have to spend money on buying moving supplies, labor work, truck rental, and other moving-related tasks. You don’t have to spend money if any product damages then it will be the responsibility of the movers. 

  • Have peace of mind 

When you hire movers, you don’t have to worry about anything. All the things regarding the move will be done by the movers including packing so you would not have any stress. As you know moving an office is very stressful and it is possible only when you include your employees in the move to make it DIY. But remember that if you make it DIY move then you and your employees need lots of time to get back on the work and it will be a great loss for your business. Therefore, to have peace of mind and to not give any stress to your employees so that they can work on their office work, it is recommended you hire professional movers.  

Consider the entire facts and then decide whether you can tackle a DIY office move or you should hire professionals. Consider your need, budget, flexibility, time, and efforts and then decide so you don’t have to regret later. In the end, if you want convenience then hiring professionals is better while if you love to take challenges then you can also consider it to do by yourself task.

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