Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack: Roy Horn Tiger Attack Video Went Viral On Social Media! Details explored

Where do you begin a tale with counter-terrorism police completing background checks on a tiger, Nazi soldiers’ mental health issues, and a beehive hairdo as a weapon? In addition, two German magicians with mullets and dazzling costumes float around on stage, fooling the audience into thinking they can walk on air; one of them is nearly killed by a white tiger that bites clean through his neck.

In this situation, filmmaker Steven Leckart found himself, despite his belief for a long time that the world needed to hear about how Siegfried and Roy’s shows with exotic animals had captivated Las Vegas. The result is the eight-part podcast Wild Things, which tells how Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn became famous worldwide by performing with a vast collection of jungle cats. Still, their live career was cut short when a tiger named Montecore attacked Roy on stage and nearly killed him.

Specifics of the aggressive counterattack

Wild Things focuses initially on the tiger assault that occurred in 2003. Siegfried and Roy had been putting on shows with exotic animals for 44 years when this incident occurred, doing the same show night after night for a full decade. Everyone in the audience knew exactly what Roy would say and do as he stood in the spotlight to deliver a monologue to the white tiger Montecore, who was seven years old. At least, that’s what they assumed.

When Montecore chomps down on Roy’s neck, he slices through his vertebrae and severs an artery, thereby cutting off blood flow to the right side of his brain. An onlooker recalls, “I’m thinking to myself, ‘He’s gone,'” after seeing how much blood he dragged Roy around. “He’s dead on arrival,” someone said. It took four men and a fire extinguisher, another astonishing voice adds. Despite his shock, Roy exclaim, “Montecore is a great cat!” in the ambulance. Please protect Montecore at all costs. Very quickly, he will be flatlining in the hospital, and the Mirage parking lot will be flooded with praying, sobbing admirers.

When police arrived at the hotel, they discovered empty glasses and a stage still covered with blood. The media attention is so great that police are using personnel who would ordinarily be allocated to counter-terrorist cases. Specifically, was the tiger attack illegal? It would be dishonest to spoil the many twists and turns it contains. Still, Leckart’s crew discovers that the probe has reached an extremely odd area, complete with animal activists, homophobes in the crowd, ultrasonic gadgets, and a woman near the stage with a huge beehive hairdo. Researchers also look into Montecore’s past.

What ended up happening to Roy?

Because of this, Roy’s left side is now paralyzed. He insisted that he had suffered a stroke, that Montecore was only attempting to get him to safety, and that the tiger had not attacked him. Montecore was his roommate till his death in 2014. The circumstances that caused the Mirage to cancel the performance have never been satisfactorily explained. At 75, Roy passed away in May 2020 due to Covid. In January, Siegfried passed away from pancreatic cancer. He was 81. Both had left the entertainment industry several years prior.

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