Signs That Your Driveway Might Need Repairing

A driveway marks the entrance to your house exterior which gives it the first impression for anyone visiting. Signs of a damaged driveway might have gone fairly unnoticed since you will be passing it every day and be less likely to spot gradual wear and tear. Nevertheless, is it very important to know when your driveway needs repairing if you are going to prevent long-term damage to your home’s foundations? Here are the common signs to look out for, before deciding that it’s time for some driveway maintenance.

Surface Cracks

Small cracks in your driveways, known as ‘hairline cracks’ are quite harmless to your driveway as they mark the effects that weather and age have on the material. Once these cracks start to grow by allowing water and dirt in them to expand and contract, they can become a serious problem without professional intervention. The only long-term solution to stop such a crack is to remove the debris and water from it and have it filled by a professional.


These are sometimes also known as ‘potholes’ and they can be unstoppable once they begin to develop as water and debris will seep in and affect the under surface of your drive. This will lead to the driveway’s foundations being softened and result in many more cracks and other holes to appear on the surface of your driveway. Repairing one or two by yourself will resolve the problem if done well; however, if there are any more than that, then it might be time to change your driveway completely.

Crumbling at the Edges

If you notice that your driveway is starting to loosen at the edges and cause an unsightly crumbling effect, then it may be due to the asphalt being spread too thinly at the edges when being laid down. This is an unfortunate result and is usually down to the fact that it was laid down unprofessionally, but the impact won’t be serious on the structure of the driveway as a whole. A solution can be to add a border of bricks around the perimeter to help keep the edges from breaking off.

Sunken Apron

An apron is the area between the street edge and your driveway that connects them together to give the effect of a smooth transition.However, this can often get damaged due to poor construction, poorly settled gravel and harsh weather conditions. Sunken apron repair can prevent further damage from occurring, affecting your garage, structural integrity of the driveway and even your home’s entire foundations.

Spotting these signs of wear and tear on your driveway sooner rather than later can help to save you on greater costs further down the line, such as fixing the foundations beneath your whole home. Many damages can be repaired using cost-effective techniques and even be performed by yourself, but if you are ever in doubt, then ensure that you call in a professional to take a look before you act.

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