So, You’re Having a Baby: Everything New Moms Need to Know

When new moms are having a baby, breastfeeding is a part of the process that pops up in conversation rather early.

It is not like you can simply go to the local grocery store and ask what aisle is breast milk in.

There is no man-made chemical composition equivalent, and lucky enough, breast milk can be produced for free.

But that doesn’t mean that breastfeeding is easy for new moms; in fact, it can be quite difficult for beginners.

Maternal instincts may also not always kick in because bonding with your child takes time and a lack of any all-knowing motherhood skills is not something to look down on yourself about. It takes time.

Taking care of yourself right along with taking care of your baby is not a selfish act; it is an extremely necessary activity.

Get whatever help you need to get some decent sleep, healthy food, and breaks for exercise to keep your energy level up.

Becoming a mom isn’t just about following the rules of all the mothers that came before you.

Motherhood is being the best you can be in your own particular circumstances to create a lifestyle that is enriching and nurturing for your family and yourself.

Now, let’s move forward into other pieces of advice for mothers-to-be to benefit from.

Maternity Clothing

Start building up your maternity clothing collection so that you can have a new wardrobe that fits the changes in your body shape that pregnancy brings about.

When you are becoming a new mom, it is normal to look through your closet and take an inventory of the clothes that you either can’t wear right now or probably for a long while to come during nine months of pregnancy.

It is also normal to put on weight during pregnancy and need new clothing for the gong to work, for casual activities, for fitness workouts, and for running around with your children (and getting dirty in the process).

Every pregnant person carries differently, and until you’re in the trenches yourself, you can’t know if you’re the type of person to pop early, someone who’ll have a long, tall belly or one that sticks farther out or if you’ll be able to wear your non-maternity clothes well into the second trimester.

Before you you dive right into all of the infinite options for maternity clothes that have become their own fashion niche, be sure that you are selecting wearable items that you actually need for your lifestyle and that you will have a use for.

Once you lose some of that baby weight, these maternity clothes may not even fit you any longer.

Therefore, only buy things you need for your life as it is right now and in the upcoming months.

Figure out what you wear now and how that’s going to translate over the next 40 weeks or so; you’ll know what to target when you start shopping.

Shampoo & Body Wash with Calendula

Make sure you have the appropriate shampoo calendula and body wash for your baby, especially when you are getting the washed up before bed.

Calmly cleanse your child from head to toe with natural, organic ingredients like Calendula extract and chamomile, which also take care of sensitive skin.

This particular shampoo and body wash is not only clinically proven to be gentle on your little one’s skin — it’s infused with our signature NaturalSnooze fragrance to help with falling asleep and staying asleep.

It has been tested by dermatologists, approved by pediatricians, and is able to be used for children that are ages three months and up.

Do not swallow. Use under adult supervision. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and don’t use after the expiration date.

Zinc has Many Benefits

Follow to assist your body with the right vitamins and minerals is important every day, but even more so when you are having a baby.

Zinc is needed to protect you from issues with your immune system, vision, prostate health, skin health, learning and memory, and proper functioning of hormones such as thymus, insulin, growth hormone, and sex hormones.

Signs of zinc deficiencies are reflected by susceptibility to infection, wounds not healing properly healing, a loss of sense of taste or smell, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Pregnancy, lactation increase the requirement of zinc, as do certain medications, alcohol use, vegetarian diets, and a high intake of calcium and fiber.

Studies have shown that daily zinc supplements containing 80 mg and targeted antioxidants decrease the risk of macular degeneration that causes blindness in older people by 25 percent and the risk of vision loss from advanced macular degeneration by 19 percent.

If you are concerned with zinc toxicity, that generally occurs with a long-term intake of 150 mg or more of zinc each day.

Remember, zinc supplements are for adults, not for your child.

Keep Your Toddler Busy

According to the parenting authority, there are plenty of safe ways to keep your child busy, indoors and outdoors.

It is important to be physically present in your children’s lives, even more so during their early development stages.

Give them all the hugs, storybook readings, and interactive engagement whenever you possibly can to keep them feeling connected to their family.

If you are running out of ideas for activities that don’t involve sitting them in front of a television screen to watch Sesame Street, here are some healthy and informative activities that can take place indoors and outdoors with your kids:

  • Bake dessert
  • Bike riding
  • Blow bubbles
  • Build sandcastles at the beach
  • Cleaning up together
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk in front of your own property
  • Exercise activities
  • Go on a hike
  • Hide a toy in the house and have your child search for it with clues
  • Look around at the museum
  • Make a meal together (don’t use the stove)
  • Make things out of Play-Doh
  • Teddy bear picnic in the backward
  • Visit the library
  • Walk around a park

With this proactive parenthood time, new mothers can have a headstart in becoming one of their child’s favorite persons.

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