Spanish Man Jumps off 100-Foot Cliff in Viral Stunt Death Video! Details discussed!

A family recorded their father’s suicide by filming him as he threw himself over a cliff at 100 feet. The tourist is shown in Majorca, standing on the brink of a cliff just before he leaps to their death. His wife and children, recording from a nearby boat, watch in terror as he free-falls into the water below the cliff. Unfortunately, his jump was not powerful enough to carry him over the outcropping of rocks, and instead of landing in the water, he crashed into the rocks. As the clip closes, his wife can hear a horrified “oh my goodness.” According to reports, the nameless victim’s girlfriend and son both sought and got psychological treatment following the terrible catastrophe.

The guy was at the top of the cliff before jumping

To find the missing guy, officials in the area sent out a rescue boat, a helicopter, and a dive team. After a lengthy search in the seas around Malgrats Island, his corpse was located. Thrill-seekers go to Majorca to engage in the activity known as “tombstoning,” which entails jumping out of cliffs to land on one’s feet in the sea below. Agencies on the vacation island are experts in monitoring tourists’ skydives. Among the claims made on this site is that “many details of persons who have attempted Cliff leaping AKA Tombstoning on their own have been supplied” by the press and media. Would you still do it if there was no rope tied to a bungee jump? You should never leap from a cliff without proper preparation and safety measures.

The cliff leaping is a specialized technique developed by experts in the field with intimate knowledge of the local waters and geography. You should under no circumstances attempt to do this task on your own. From Magaluf to Alcudia, we have secure cliff-jumping spots that we regularly evaluate for danger. Intense adrenaline rushes are common after cliff diving. Hidden hazards, such as water depths and debris, make tombstoning risky because they may not be seen from a considerable height. Cold water shock is another issue for people whose corpses have landed in the ocean. To deter individuals from seeking thrills, local authorities all around the UK warn residents that they should avoid participating in various activities along the seaside. A cliff jumper in 2021 was pronounced dead at the scene when he tombstoned into the water.

Cause of death details explained

According to Dyfed-Powys Police, the guy was rescued after plunging over a cliff in the area of St. Catherine’s Island. The RNLI had arrived, and they were doing CPR on the unconscious 23-year-old. Inspector Gavin Howells commented, “This event illustrates the extreme risk presented by tombstoning or cliff leaping and the potentially life-threatening effects.” We strongly discourage anybody from engaging in this type of thing anywhere along our coastline since it puts both the participants and the rescue teams in danger for no good reason.

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