Susan Kidd NBC 4 Where is she right now? Is she leaving, or did you fire her?

Susan Kidd gave up her job at NBC 4 more than ten years ago. All the information you need to find out where she is is here for your convenience. In the United States, Susan Kidd is a well-known journalist. She was a well-known newsreader for NBC 4 and often worked with Wendy Rieger and Jim Handly. While Kidd and Wendy Rieger worked at the station, their 5 p.m. newscast has always had the most viewers.

The sad news that Wendy Rieger, a friend of Kidd’s, died not too long ago is only now showing up in the data. In the year 2022, she died on April 17, when she was 65 years old. WUSA9 says that Rieger died from complications from glioblastoma, a very serious type of brain cancer.

Where Can I Look for Susan Kidd Right Now? Is she leaving, or did you fire her?

The Washington Post says that she was one of the people who lost her job at NBC in 2006 as the company tried to cut costs. Because of that, she had no choice but to quit her job at the WRC. In 2006, the person who usually worked at NBC was coming up with a plan for organisational change. As a direct result, 700 jobs were lost, and the company’s value dropped by $750 million.

In a long note, Kidd told her close friends about the situation, “I’ve been kicked to the curb.____ She had said earlier in the conversation that she had been “2.0’d” when she was fired. Also, the data anchor, who was 56 years old then, had no plans to work in any other field after she left NBC.

She went on to say that being fired was hard for her. “Even though there was some planning for it, it still came as a surprise when it happened. Obviously, they want to attract younger viewers, so there are a lot of older heads on the block.

What is her name?

Her information source on Wikipedia is a veteran. Susan Kidd has been working for NBC ever since 1983. She was mostly in charge of covering the 5 p.m. news for over 18 years. She was also seen on the station’s 4 p.m. broadcast every week talking about how to live a healthy life. In the part of the article called “What’s Working,” she used to write about the group volunteers and organisations.

Kidd has been on Twitter since 2009 under the handle @MsSueKidd. There may be her tweets. The retired news anchor’s profile has 275 people who follow her.

Information about how old Susan Kidd is and who her family is

At this point, it’s safe to say that Susan Kidd is in her late 60s or early 70s. In 2006, when she was 56 years old, she told NBC that she was leaving. We don’t know when she will celebrate her birthday because we don’t know when she was born.

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