Technology for the Remote Worker

The difficult year that 2020 has brought means that many of us may be looking to a future in remote working on a more permanent basis, but that does allow for some more flexibility in our day to day as the digital nomad lifestyle is looking more likely to be an option for a growing number of people – getting setup for remote working may take a little time though, but there are a number of good resource covering this in order to help you make the most out of the change as technology is certainly in a great position to help the remote worker. Check out the best app development cost calculator here.

5G and Wifi­– It’s becoming more common to find good WiFi wherever you are –it has become commonplace in cafes and restaurants with many countries now also having infrastructure in place to have accessibility when just out and about. But if you’re not too keen on accessing public networks, the introduction of 5G is just around the corner too as it is becoming more common in the bigger towns and cities and may not be too long before the wider rollout occurs – with a faster connection and more capacity, it opens up more opportunities for working remotely whether from home where your connection may be a little slower than you had hoped for, or if you’re outside and travelling around and can’t guarantee constant access through public wifi connections.

Cloud based software – The gap between our devices is also starting to close as many different software options have become cloud based and available across all devices – if you’ve been working on something from your laptop, it’s now an option to be able to access the same software and same files from your phone too in order to continue working and so long as you’re not using specialist software, you’ll likely never run in to an issue. This allows you to broaden the options for how and where you can work from, and offers yet more flexibility whilst working remotely, and allows you to have more freedom in how you approach your new schedule.

Hardware – As with the software, and mentioned in the discussion, our hardware plays a huge roll too – our smartphones are better and faster than ever and improvements are offered year on year, we can often use our smartphones for everything our more dedicated devices can do too. Laptops are also thinner and lighter than ever which requires less space and much easier to transport once again broadening the options for how we work – tablets have also become much more common and operate much in the same way both our laptops do – if you’re looking to save both space and weight then you may also be able to do all of your day-to-day activities on this piece of hardware too. Without the office as a restriction, flexibility options are much more present and working as a digital nomad provides a refreshing change to your day to day and todays technology certainly helps this change too.

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