The best deck to use on The Floor is Healing Clash Royale

For the “Floor is Healing” Clash Royale challenge, many different card combinations could be thought of as the “best deck.” Everything is, of course, based on the cards you have in your hand. And I’m guessing that’s how you like to play. On the other hand, we can suggest a couple of constructions that should make short work of that problem, like a sharp knife cutting through butter. So, let’s get started without further ado.

In Clash Royale, the floor can heal and has the best deck

We’ve put together the list below for the Clash Royale, The Floor is Healing challenge, giving you many great deck options. Some of them have the same cards over and over, and some of the cards are moved around. You can use different cards if you want to, and if you do, please tell us in the comments section below which builds you like best.

This Lava Hound deck is the first one you’ll get in The Floor is Healing Challenge. It lets you compete on a high-level ladder. If you play this right, it shouldn’t be hard for you to win. The Lava Hound Goblin Cage Deck has a 61.4% win rate in Grand Challenges and is best for players who have reached Arena 10 or higher.

The Lava Hound is your main tank in this deck, and it will lead the push you make. Very much like a golem in how it works. Use the baby dragon and the inferno dragon to keep an eye on the lava hound. When your units have crossed the bridge and have a decent amount of health left, you can drop the miner and enjoy the huge damage it does.

Royale The Power of the Floor to Heal as a Test

This Knight Barrel Deck is thought to be one of the best decks you can use in Clash Royale.

The Princess, the Goblin Gang, the Ice Spirits, and the Inferno Tower are all cards in this deck that can be used to trick your opponent into casting a low-cost spell so you can punish them with your Goblin barrel, which is the main way to win with this Knight Barrel Deck.

If you play a Primary Defensive Card like the Goblin Barrel, you can use a Knight to protect support troops and then push back with a Goblin Barrel. In contrast to the ice golem, the Knight has more health and can fight.

Goblin Barrel is one of the Chip Damage Cards that can be drawn from the deck. Most of the time, the opponent plays a pretty expensive card. If your opponent puts a Golem in the back position, you should put the Knight on the bridge and throw a Goblin Barrel. The Rocket and the Goblin Barrel are two different ways to win in this Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Deck Arena 10+ k. These two ways to win are your main sources of damage, but while the Goblin Barrel is always used to destroy towers, the Rocket is only used twice.

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