The Common Benefits of Investing Your Money

If you’re not already investing your money, you’re behind the times. Even if you only have a few dollars to spare every week, putting them into your investments instead of spending them on “extras” is often the best choice. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are. The best time to invest was when Apple was only a few dollars, but the second-best time is now. 

Not sure if you need to invest? Well, no one needs to, but we want to talk about the benefits of investing your money so you can make an informed decision. Keep reading to learn more. 

Earn a Passive Income

Early investments aren’t going to net you a lot of money, but investing does create multiple streams of passive income. 

Passive income is money that you make without lifting a finger. Your initial investment continues to earn without your input. One of the advantages of investing is that, with many types of investments, you can “set it and forget it.”

If you’re invested in things that can change day to day, like stocks, you still want to keep an eye on your money and the news. Stocks rise and fall, and that impacts your investment.

That said, many investments don’t require that daily hands-on effort. You can even invest in a pre-assembled group of stocks or ETFs, like The Jerusalem Portfolio, which can remove some of the guesswork. 

Fund Things You Believe In

Many people think of the stock market as a game, but it’s not. It serves a real purpose, and that purpose is providing support to businesses or corporations. 

When you learn how to invest and buy a stock, you’re a shareholder of a business. That doesn’t mean that you get a lot of say in how the business runs (though businesses do take input from larger investors), but it means that there’s something about the business that you believe in.

For example, many people started buying stocks from (stock rover) vaccine researchers because they believed in their methods and the importance of their medicine. 

When you invest, you help your own wallet while also helping to support another business, even if it’s in a small way. 

A Better Way to Save 

Most people put their spare money into savings accounts. This is an important thing to do, but you should also have money in investments. 

Savings accounts often let you collect a small amount of interest on your deposits, but that interest isn’t enough to keep up with inflation. It’s almost as though you’re losing money by saving it. 

When you invest, you’re “saving” that money somewhere that it will generate more money. A good investment is inflation-proof. 

Don’t Ignore the Benefits of Investing

There are so many benefits of investing your money. If you want to watch your money grow, even in small increments, invest it into a stock that you believe in. 

It’s always a good idea to throw some money into your savings as well, but take advantage of the investing benefits as well!

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