The Fear of Missing Out in Video Games

Gaming has always been the much needed escape from reality that we so desperately need every once in a while. And while gaming has provided us with a number of methods to deal with all the emotions and rage that we sometimes feel underneath our skins, it has also given us a number of problems to deal with as well.

One of the most common problem that many gamers feel, especially the hardcore gamers, is the fear of missing out in video games and many of us don’t even realize that it is there and has been for a long time. But what is it and how does it affect players in real life?

FOMO in Gaming

The fear of missing out or FOMO has always been there and not only for gamers but as a person as well. It is a fear that we develop when we start comparing ourselves to others, the comparison can be about any number of things. You could be comparing your progress in a game with that of your friends and feel like you are being left behind or it could something totally different, for instance if you see a lot of people buying shares of a particular company that you haven’t bought but start to feel like you should or otherwise you will just miss out.

But in terms of video games, it gets triggered when your friends in ESO guilds are buying expensive ESO items that you haven’t bought yet and start to feel some sort of envy towards them even though they are your friends, but deep down you feel like you are the only one that is being left behind and missing out something that you should be a part of, even though you never really wanted to buy that certain thing.

This gets promoted in games with a global leaderboard or with a lot of social following, because everyone wants to be good at the game and when other players start to outperform you, you start to feel unworthy and that goes both ways. If you are a better player than others in a team, you would feel like your team is totally worthless and when you play with better players than you, you start to feel that for yourself as well and it can be damaging, causing unusual rages and mood swings.

It all ends when you stop comparing your progress or the events in your life with others and I know, it might not be as simple as it sounds but you can do that by discovering the reasons why you feel better than other players and once you stop feeling superior to other players, warzone hacks the same will happen to you.

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