The Future Trends in Mobile Gaming

Nowadays, there is nothing you can’t do on your phone. It’s all here: online casino payouts, find online casinos that accept interac here, wallet access, playing big games, and winning some cash.In 2021, the possibilities are endless for mobile gaming technology, so we take a look at what’s to come.

Gaming in VR and AR

It certainly took a long time for virtual reality to become a reality. With it now being a staple for the likes of the PS5, its merging with mobile gaming will be the next step to full immersion.

When VR headsets become more cost-effective, they will naturally be linked to phones and other mobile devices.

In recent years, augmented reality has already been a huge hit with Pokémon GO as a great example. Nonetheless, its worth will be proved outside the gaming world as well. Whether it is your personal travel guide, sporting analyst or shopping accessory, the possibilities are limitless in 2021.

Watchers outnumber players

Mobile devices are replacing TV for entertainment, and gaming spectators will increase as more and more people choose to watch games on mobile devices. The reasoning makes sense. For years, we’ve been following sports with passion, so we just admire someone who’s one of the best at what we do. Doesn’t iGaming work the same way?

Gamers have become movie stars thanks to streaming sites such as Twitch. People who enjoy participating themselves also enjoy watching others to a great extent. Essentially, the traditional business model is flipped when the audience growth exceeds that of the player.

As a result, developers in 2021 will spend more time designing games around not only playing, but watching as well. You can switch between a single and a multiplayer view. There’s plenty of excitement and big money to be had.

Voice Recognition

Having the ability to direct your avatar, rather than merely controlling it, will have a huge effect on future gaming, especially for mobile devices. Trying to control the screen movement creates too many variables and mistakes, which could all be avoided through voice recognition.

We’re just one step closer to complete immersion, which can be easily combined with VR and AR in the future.

A 5G Future

Despite the pandemic delaying 5G deployment, hardware hasn’t been affected. A report estimates that 43% of new devices will have 5G capability by the end of 2021. As a result of the sheer increase in data that can be transmitted through the network, speeds will rise to unprecedented heights. By doing so, mobile gamers will be able to play outdoors without experiencing any lag or cut-outs. In fact, we’d be well on our way to meeting our goals if it weren’t for COVID-19.

Cloud Gaming

In conjunction with 5G, cloud gaming will open up many possibilities for your mobile device. By not being reliant on the hardware in your hand, players will have more freedom to play without first spending money on expensive equipment.

Based on the current storage capacity of powerful online servers, gamers can share gameplay hardware among each other to offer like-for-like gameplay on their mobile devices. To meet the demand, we just need to tweak the current technology.

More Social Gaming

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, mobile game providers are focusing on adding social components to their games. As consumers’ demands change, developers adapt. Just take a look at the hangout rooms in games like Call Of Duty: Mobile.

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