The Hygge Trend: Mastering The Art Of Hygge For Your Apartment

You may have heard “hygge” floating around on the internet for some time now. Is it a recent phenomenon? No. Have you ever experienced hygge? Let’s find out. 

So, What Is Hygge? 

The word hygge may be traced back to the 16th-century Norwegian phrase “hugga,” meaning “to soothe or console.” 

How comforting is the fact that you can now make your home warm like a hug! 

It’s pronounced “hoo-ga,” and it doesn’t have a specific definition; rather, it’s a general sense of well-being. Imagine a cozy bed piled with warm patterned quilts and comforters, a cup of hot coffee, and your favorite book, all while a fire crackles in the distance. That’s what hygge is, and you’ve probably had it without even realizing it.

There are various methods to incorporate hygge in your house, but it ultimately boils down to creating a welcome, warm, and peaceful atmosphere. The great thing about the concept is that it is doable with small and big spaces. In fact, small rooms have the most potential to get “hygged.” 

If you want to add some soft Danish comfort to your home, this is the way to go.

Bring In Natural Light 

Hygge embraces the natural light. Think soft, warm glow from outside peeping through the clean white curtains. The more natural light you can diffuse at home, the better it is. 

Most people are deficient in vitamin D nowadays because of the lack of sunlight shining through their homes. 

Unfortunately, if your home doesn’t have much light coming through, try putting crystals near the windows. They can cast a lovely reflection of light in your apartment. You can even place mirrors on the side of the windows to reflect and bounce light. These steps will enhance the hygge element of your apartment. 

Embrace The Candles

Once the sun goes down, embrace the warmth of candles. The flickering warm light from delicious buttery candles is a way to infuse a hygge-effect into your apartment instantly. 

Word of caution: Candles can be risky in an apartment. The less-responsible can always try electric-based candles. They look as good as the real ones and provide the same warm glow. You can arrange the candles on your coffee table or draw them during a bath or when you read and relax for the perfect hygge relaxation. 

Stick To A Neutral Colour Scheme

You cannot have a hygge home if the colors you opt for are red and yellow! 

It’s crucial to choose a neutral color palette when creating a hygge oasis in your home. This is because the colors in your apartment should contribute to a quiet and harmonious atmosphere. 

The beauty of hygge lies in its simplicity, and gentle white, beige, natural wood, and grey colors compliment the hygge aesthetic. Choose your favorite colors or mix and match, and see the danish magic happen for your home. 

You can paint your rooms a butter white color and hang a couple of grey mirrors for starters. You can even add neutral rugs which are warm and inviting and honors the danish concept of hygge. 

Focus on Softer Textures

Imagine fluffy, soft blankets and cushions! These are hygge elements that transform ordinary couches into cozy sanctuaries.

So it’s time to replace your bedding with a beautiful chunky knit blanket or a soft, white duvet. If you can’t find it ready-made, you may have it custom-made by a tailor using various soft cotton and linen fabrics by the yard online.

Less is More 

Hygge is the last thing that should be difficult to grasp! 

The whole purpose of hygge is to simplify decor and improve your life. Limiting oneself to the things that truly bring you happiness and joy is at the heart of this Nordic trend. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom or living area, you may still enjoy hygge by concentrating on clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials. You can get some inexpensive twig baskets which are so in trend now. You will even find women carrying straw baskets and bags to holidays for summer. You can use these baskets to store your books or other necessities. 


The aim of hygge is to simplify your lifestyle choices and add an atmosphere in your home where you leave your phone aside and read again. Learn to love the little things of life. As for the remaining items that no longer serve your purpose, you can choose to donate them. 

If you loved this Danish pool of decor, leave us a comment below. 

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