The ultimate beginner’s guide to anal sex

Sex could be done in diverse ways and explored in different forms. If all you have been doing in the bedroom is having vagina sex, you’ll soon get bored. Having sex without any means of improvisation is one of the ways sex gets boring and gets tagged “overrated.” Depending on whom you have sex with and their sexual orientations, sex could be the best encounter you’ve ever had. However, most people believe this as exaggerating, not because sex isn’t worth it, but because they haven’t had the best form of sex yet.

If you’ve been having boring sex lately, you and your partner have refused to explore other choices. Sex isn’t one way. It could be done in diverse forms, including anal sex. Although most individuals regard this as unethical, the fact remains that if both partners or individuals in the relationship are comfortable with it, then it’s all that matter. You choose to have sex however you want it, whenever you want it, and with whomsoever you want it. If you are planning on improvising or tired from having too much boring vagina sex, switch to anal sex.

What is anal sex?

Peradventure, you’ve been reading this, or you’ve come across it in some porn clips and don’t seem to understand the concept; reading this content to the end will help. Anal sex is simply having sex through the anus instead of through the vagina. This type of sex, however, needs to be done meticulously to avoid complications because it could get out of hand and messy if not carefully done. Anal sex, over time, has become one of the most widely practiced sexual pleasures because of the ecstasy it gives. It is such that it could improve sexual intimacy between couples and also become a kink over time.

How to practice safe anal sex

As mentioned above, to adopt anal sex in your relationship, you must be careful because it could get messy easily. The anus is one delicate part of the body, and such should be treated as one. However, if you explore anal sex, you must understand how to explore it safely without complications. Here are some tips you need to know before exploring anal sex.

Carry your partner along:

Yes, it’s great to improvise in relationships, especially when having sex, but improvising from vagina sex to anal sex without informing your partner first is wrong. It’s unacceptable to improvise in such a manner and expect them to be okay with it. Hence, one of the first steps to practicing safe anal sex is informing your partner first. Ensure they are okay with the arrangement and are willing to explore this possibility with you. If they decline, on the other hand, give them time to think more about it.

Use anal sex toys:

There are more than enough anal sex toys you can lay your hands on if anal sex is what entices you or your partner. Updating your sex toy collection with the most recent anal sex toy should be your priority, as this will help you always practice safer and more enjoyable anal sex. Butt plugs and beads are some of the essential anal sex toys you should have in your collection. They are easy to use, and you can have them worn at all times, helping you exercise your anal sphincter for better sexual pleasure.

Don’t be in a hurry:

The anal hole is not as elastic as the vagina hole, so you shouldn’t have anal sex the same way you have vagina sex. You must take things slowly and always listen to your partner whenever they give their thoughts. Don’t be in haste to make them orgasm. Instead, focus on enjoying the whole encounter and ensuring they don’t sustain injuries. One way to do this is by getting the required anal sex kits like lubes, anal sex toys, and other accessories that would help the process go smoother.

 If your partner has agreed to have anal sex with you, you need to make the first impression count because it matters, and the first time will hurt. So, prepare your mind and that of your partner to withstand the pain afterward. However, it is worth noting that using the right sex toy when having anal sex can take some pains away without complications.

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