Things You Can Do With Argon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a science experiment? Do you ever wonder how things came to be? How were they made to function like that? How your light bulbs produce light, or how 3D printers manage to print in 3D? If you haven’t, might as well think of it now as the world is one big science project.

And within that science experiment contains numerous formulas and solutions for how a product, object, or even creature came to be. Even normal day-to-day items come from scratch, having various elements or gases that power them to function normally, something like an odourless, colourless and even tasteless gas that you didn’t even expect in such everyday items, something like argon gas.

Surprisingly, argon gas is in a lot of daily items you interact with without you even knowing it. As it is harmless, various people came together and utilised it to its full potential.

Here are some of the things you can use argon gas with.

Incandescent Lightbulbs

Argon gas is utilised in scenarios where people must shield materials used in a certain object from various other gasses. As this is so, the element is great in using it on incandescent lightbulbs where electricity passes through its wirings resulting in it heating up. Other elements found in the lightbulb will easily combine with the hot metal, which will result in the electricity diminishing and not working at all. For this not to happen, argon gas becomes somewhat a barrier which prevents this overheating due to its inert nature.

Metal Welding

Aside from that, the element also provides a good use to welding processes were metal pieces are heated and melted together to connect them. Similarly, with the incandescent bulb situation, when the metal pieces are heated, they react with other elements present in it as the temperature increases, seeing how metal is conducive to heat. When these elements react to the heating process, they clump up and form compounds which would then hinder the metal pieces’ moulding process. That is why argon gas prohibits this from happening and stops these certain elements from reacting to the heating process.


The healthcare industry also comes into the picture as they greatly make use of argon gas as well. Lasers induced with argon gas produce a bright light which helps treat skin ailments. Blue-green light is utilised and applied on the affected portion of the patient’s skin, and as this is so, the laser’s energy is being absorbed, which is then turned to heat. It then helps seal damaged blood vessels to perish and be reabsorbed while dark spots and other skin infections are lightened and dismissed.

Eye surgery is also made possible with argon gas. Lasers filled with argon gas are used to penetrate and examine the eye, depending on its condition. It can help treat certain tumours, retina problems, blood vessel issues, and other sorts of problems with the eyes when used.


Argon gas is a great element which is useful in various daily activities you can observe. With proper usage, it can provide great benefits to those who use it. These are just a few ways in which argon gas has been a part of people’s day-to-day lives, as there are other instances where it is also greatly abundant. Knowing more about such a useful element gives you an advantage and helps you decide if you want to use it more to your benefit.


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