Thirsty? Here Are 4 Types of Water You Can Drink

Water is essential to your ongoing health. The human body is approximately 60% water and it is a vital part of moving nutrients into cells and removing toxins.

Experts will tell you about the amount you need to drink per day to stay hydrated, and it’s generally good advice. But, did you know that not all water is created equal?

For example, you trust the water that comes out of your faucet but you may not realize that when it is cleaned and filtered, chemicals are added. This has led to research suggesting that the chemicals are harmful and many debates.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons that so many Australians are turning to the best water filters Melbourne and having these devices fitted into their homes.

There are four types of water you can safely drink:

  1. Filtered Water

Filtered water is generally considered the easiest to access and one of the cheapest options. You can have a filter fitted to one faucet in your home or to the supply line that treats all the water in your home.

The most common type of filter is carbon. However, others, such as reverse osmosis, are growing in popularity.

The secret when choosing a water filter is to look at your current faucet water and decide what needs to be removed. Carbon is great at bacteria and chemicals but reverse osmosis is good at removing excess mineral content.

  • Spring Water

Spring water is generally considered the best water on the planet as it is fresh from the ground. The water has been purified by its travels through earth and rock and as it pops out of the ground it is clean and safe to drink.  However, that isn’t necessarily what you are getting when you buy bottled water.

In most cases it isn’t bottled at source, meaning it is transported to a factory in large trucks where there is plenty of scope for contamination. That means it may not be as pure as you hope, check before you buy.

  • Purified Water

Purified water is water that has been taken a step further. It has been put through a variety of water filters to ensure that all the harmful ingredients are removed. In effect, the water is cleaner and purer than spring water, even if it is bottled at the source.

It’s worth noting that this is not the same as distilled water which is effectively boiled and the steam captured, effectively removing all contaminants and giving you pure water. This is a time-consuming process hence not one that is commonly available.

  • Bottled Water

Bottled water is generally considered safe to drink. However, it is not as good an option as filtered or purified. That’s because bottled water undergoes fewer tests to confirm its source and any contaminants. In fact, bottled water can simply be water from your faucet. This means it could hold as many contaminants as your standard water and, although unlikely to make you ill, it is not the best choice.

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