Tips in Converting Word to PDF With PDF Bear (Take Note The First One)

Various PDF conversion software has made our lives easier. Thus, different file formats can be converted to PDF, and this includes Excel, PowerPoint, images, and Word documents. With a few mouse clicks, the word file will be converted to PDF. It is fast and easy. The process is very simple and straightforward. However, when you encounter an error, not all conversion tools can detect and solve issues like spelling and grammar cannot be easily detected. Here are the tips you have to remember to convert your files smoothly.

Avoid Using Strange Fonts and Compress the Images

Use the formal and readable fonts if you plan to convert your word documents to pdf. When you convert your file, you may encounter an issue where the text style was changed. Depending on the converter you use, not all can keep the authenticity of your document. Either you use the common fonts or find a converter that can convert your files without changing anything. Another option is to print, scan the pages, and convert the pictures to pdf, which is inconvenient. If your document contains images, there are times that it will be pushed to the next page. Images with a large size can cause errors in converting your files. Use quality images with smaller size. There are times that the pictures are lost. Keep the images simple by avoiding the use of frames. You can check using the word processor the page loading when you scan and simplify the page. Use the DOC. Rather than the DOCX. file extension. It solves some of these issues. These problems are common when saving word to pdf directly through the built-in word software on your device. You can use PDFBear to convert word to pdf online to keep the integrity of your files. Their Word to PDF tool works well with any document file extension.

Review Your Document before Converting

Have you experienced saving a PDF file and found an erroneous mistake only when you are done sending it to others? Before converting your Word Document to PDF, review it until you are confident enough. It is important to check the grammar. Some word processing software comes with a spelling and grammar checker. Online grammar tools are also available. Others may find it easy to check when you have a hard copy. Try printing and reviewing it. There are times when we are the ones reviewing our work. We can’t notice the small errors that others can spot right away. Have someone to review it for you. Ask a co-worker or your friend for help.

Always Protect Your Privacy

Simply connecting to the World Wide Web entails risks. Cyberspace is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We find online tools that convert word to pdf are more convenient than offline software. The whole conversion process is fast and simple. But you must make sure that your online information will be secured. Hackers are lurking in the Cyber World, waiting for a victim. You must take extra precautions when dealing with private documents and electronic contracts online. After you convert word to pdf online, it is best to add a password for your documents. With PDFBear, you can password protect your pdf. Also, they apply 256 -Bit SSL security for all files uploaded to their server. For hackers to access your files, it will take 256 encryption keys, which are impossible in a short time. You must protect yourself when going online.

Final Thoughts

We all want our work to be free from flaws. We do the tasks that we thought will make everything better. But along the way, we encounter issues and challenges. We seek help from software and tools. We choose to convert a word document to pdf, expecting it to make the file more presentable and accessible. To achieve this goal, we must keep the tips in our minds. Avoiding problems is better than solving them. PDFBear is one of the most helpful tools you can use. It is secured and can work with any type of file. Other than file conversion, there are other tools available in their platform. They can merge, split, and compress PDF files for your convenience.

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