Top Pool Landscaping Ideas and Designs for Backyards

Having a backyard pool can do wonders for you and your family’s happiness and health, as well as your home’s appearance and value. So it is no wonder swimming pools are now such popular backyard additions.

Research demonstrates that being on, near, in or under water can benefit your body and mind. Some advantages of enjoying time in the water include a reduction in anxiety and stress, an increase in happiness and overall well-being and a lower breathing and heart rate.

However, on the other hand, installing a swimming pool is generally a sound monetary investment that pays for itself over time.

Beyond the water’s benefits, there is a considerable upside to ensuring that your pool’s surrounding landscaping is just as beautiful as the water structure. So, as you create a backyard water-centred haven, looking at the big picture and remodelling the whole area may have a significant positive payoff. 

Backyard Pool Landscaping Designs and Ideas to Consider

No matter your home’s design or architectural style, modern construction methods and materials allow you to match your outdoor area to the house’s appearance. Therefore, you can coordinate your pool’s landscaping and patio style to complement your home.

Many landscapes and pool designs include various gathering areas that incorporate creative seating and dining options, lush patio plants and inventive lighting. All these aspects combine to help highlight your swimming pool- explicitly making it the focal point of all your household’s outdoor activities no matter the time and gathering atmosphere.

However, creating the ultimate pool backyard can be daunting, considering the myriad options available. But don’t fret. Just keep reading to get insight into a few examples of gorgeous pool landscaping ideas that may help inspire your haven.

A Pool and Sauna Haven

Have you considered adding a sauna to your swimming pool may elevate the experience?

There is a practice many refer to as the hot sauna cold plunge technique. As the name suggests, it involves spending a few minutes in the sauna before jumping into the cold pool. There is evidence that this practice provides numerous health benefits, including triggering body toxin elimination and improving pain and inflammation symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Therefore, accessorising your pool with a sauna enables you to maximise the variety of uses possible for both.

Rustic Charm

Is rustic your preferred aesthetic? You can attain this style in your pool backyard by creatively including a few select elements that clearly embody this look.

The secret to executing rustic charm is incorporating features like minimal pavement, a grassy landscape and a stone and pool terrace. Combining these three examples creates the perfect spot to host cosy family gatherings and stimulating events with friends like afternoon tea or cocktails.

If you want to elevate the area’s appearance even more, why not consider installing dramatic lighting and a makeshift waterfall?  

Semi-inground Flower Power

You don’t have to go without a swimming pool entirely because you have a ‘difficult’ site. Instead, an irregularly shaped/ sloped backyard only offers the opportunity to install a semi-inground pool.

Semi-inground pools combine in-ground and above-ground pools, becoming a version highly adaptable to most backyard types. In order to create the ideal landscaping for this pool type, it is best to surround it with flowering plants and lining hedges. You only need to find low-maintenance yet strong and radiant plants like kangaroo paw succulents, Hawaiian hibiscus and palm trees that can tolerate your pool’s microclimate.

Now you have all the juicy pool landscaping and design secrets at your fingertips. So unveil your inner creativity and explore the possibilities open to you, allowing you to create the pool landscape of your dreams.

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