Top Tips for Wearing Halo Hair Extensions Like a Glam Queen

Hair extensions give you a chance to try new looks, as well as crank up your look for any special occasion. Have you wanted to try out halo hair extensions?

Extensions are a way to have more volume and length without having to grow it naturally. Halo hair extensions use a system of tiny beads that slides onto the base of your hair. The significant thing about these extensions is that they cover up your hair, creating a seamless blend.

How to Wear Halo Hair Extensions?

Wearing halo extensions does take some time getting used to. But once you get used to wearing extensions, they’ll become like second nature. Don’t worry if it takes a few minutes longer to get ready because the finished look is well worth it.

Step 1

Begin by separating your hair into sections. This process will be done differently for everyone depending on what you want to achieve. For example, if you complete a half head, you’ll only need to separate half of your hair.

Step 2

In the second step, you must begin sliding the halo piece onto each section of your roots using your fingers at first to grab and place it where you desire.

Step 3

It would be best to keep sliding until all desired sections are covered with the beads securely in place. It should feel like there’s nothing extra attached to your natural hair, but now it has more volume.

What Kinds of Halo Extensions are Available?

Halo hair extensions come in a variety of colors and lengths. There are different kinds of beads for you to choose from so that it matches your hair exactly.

According to Forbes, you must choose a hair extension that matches the color of your locks and not the roots of your natural hair.

Some people wonder if they can blend two colors, but the truth is that one color has to be dominant while the other color has to complement it.

For example, if you wanted an ombre look, you would need more than one shade, and the darker shade should be placed closest to your scalp and gradually fade into a lighter shade toward the ends.

Ways to Style with Extensions

There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling with halo extensions. You will find yourself getting new styles every week. While there are so many ways, you can wear them, but it’s fun to try out new styles.

To change up the look of your halo extensions, you can curl or straighten your hair, as well as use hot tools on it. Extensive damage will not be done to your natural hair because there are no clips attached to the beads. You’ll love having this kind of versatility with your extensions.


There is some maintenance required for halo hair extensions. When getting them applied for the first time, you’ll need to return every two weeks to get the beads tightened. It keeps the beads securely in place and helps prevent any slippage during normal wear.

You should also make sure that they lay flat against your head so that no spaces are uncovered. When shampooing your hair, it’s recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo for a deep clean. Regular shampoos can leave a layer of oils in the beads, thus creating build-up and dulling their appearance.


The removal process is quick and painless. All you’ll need is a coat hanger to gather all the beads together temporarily until they can be reattached to your extensions. 

You’ll want to make sure the beads are all facing outward when removing them from your head. You can also buy special removers intended for this purpose if desired.

To attach everything back on, carefully line up each bead with your base and gently push it into place. It would be useful if you were careful not to bump the beads on anything because this will cause them to slip.

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