Traci Braxton’s weight loss before and after cervical cancer diagnosis and surgery revealed, Details of the actress explored

Traci Braxton lost a significant amount of weight as a result of her battle with cervical cancer. A talented singer and actress, Traci Braxton, has died away. The lady, who was 50 years old, ultimately passed away as a result of her disease, which had been unavoidable for some time. Millions of people loved her worldwide, and the news of her passing has sparked a flood of tributes and obituaries across various online platforms, including Twitter. Kevin, her husband, came clean and acknowledged that his wife had been concealing that she had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the last year. 

Before and after pictures of Traci Braxton’s weight loss after cervical cancer surgery

The chemotherapy and radiation that Traci Braxton had for her cervical cancer caused her to lose a large amount of weight. Her husband says she was getting cancer treatment behind his back. On the other hand, the illness had deep roots, and in the end, it was the cause of death. In addition, the actress has kept the nature of her sickness a secret from the public. Nevertheless, several of her followers have expressed concern over her rapid weight reduction. It is impossible to adequately express how awful it is that we have lost such a creative mind. To get to know her better, look at images of her before and after she had cosmetic surgery.

Traci Braxton, a singer 50 years old, died after chemotherapy

Traci Braxton lost her battle with cancer at the age of fifty. Her husband Surrat is alleged to have stated the following after a year of treatment in secrecy for esophageal cancer: “We have reached a moment where we must tell the world that our lovely Traci Braxton has gone on to glory.” According to TMZ, Surrat was the one who commented. In addition, he revealed that Traci had been having chemotherapy for the last year; nonetheless, he decided against providing any indication of the seriousness of her condition. She was a fighter to the very end, warding off the illness until she took her final breath. Her loved ones were there to comfort her when she was passing away. We say prayers so her soul may rest in peace in paradise.

Personal and family details of Traci Braxton 

Traci Braxton was one of the many children born into the renowned Braxton family. Toni, Towanda, and Tamar are her well-known sisters who are also active in the entertainment industry. Additionally, she appeared in the reality programme “Braxton Family Values” as a cast member. The presence of her mother and sisters was seen. Even though she hasn’t been seen in public since 2019, she often posts fresh images on her social media accounts. Kevin Surratt is one of the people Traci has left behind, besides her husband and kid. Our deepest sympathies go out to her family and those who were particularly close to her.

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