Ways in Which Lighting Systems Enhance the Use of Smart Buildings

Buildings are places where people reside, work in, shelter themselves from the sun or rain, keep themselves secure, store their belongings and congregate in their worship areas. If buildings were not built people would not find places to run to when they need security, offices and business spaces would not exist and patients would not find somewhere to go when they need medical attention.

It is the outlook of a building that might be used to differentiate between rich and poor people. The rich are termed to have better-looking buildings than the poor. In this day and age, however, it is never just about a building. Technology has brought about changes to buildings and those buildings that make use of technology are termed smart buildings.

Technology brings about the difference between smart buildings and buildings in that these smart buildings are capable of transmitting information to the people inside and outside it about what is happening inside the building. This is a tremendous change compared to the traditional buildings where the people inside the building cannot know of the happenings within it.

Lighting is also very essential in smart buildings. It is the availability of smart building lighting systems that will help maintain the use of technology in these buildings. Technology necessitates that people make use of electronic gadgets such as computers and smartphones. The use of these gadgets is not limited to the web administrators but also the staff and guests coming into the smart buildings.

With the use of smart building lighting systems, the staff of a building do not need to write down their names when they check-in and out. This can easily be recorded by the people being recognized when they tap their cards at the entrance of their building. It is this type of technological advancement that is encouragement not only to keep people safe from COVID-19 but also to save on time and make work easier for the firm’s customer service agents.

2 Ways in Which Lighting Systems Enhance the Use of Smart Buildings

Smart buildings require lighting systems that will work for hand in hand with the technology instilled in them. This article will highlight two ways in which lighting is enhancing the use of smart building lighting.

Emergency lighting systems

The use of technology comes with huge expenses. It is for this reason that many firms and business entities opt to have smart building lighting systems so that they can ensure that their properties are safe even during emergency times. These smart building lighting systems can notify the people within and outside the building of any burglary incidences or if any danger is happening within it.

The emergency lighting systems save time in that the smart building owners or the ones in charge of security can call the authorities in time before enormous damage is done. These systems are also able to keep those near the building to come and offer help. The signs that would be used by these electric lighting systems would be sirens and alerts to the people who Mann the systems.


Smart building lighting systems also come with automation. This will consequently bring ease in managing the lights and saving on energy. The automation effects are applied in areas that frequent people and will need to have the lights on when people are around those places. These places include washrooms, common areas such as halls and corridors, and kitchens.

In the wake of the coronavirus, people are encouraged to keep their hands clean and avoid contact with one another. Lights in traditional buildings necessitate that people keep switching them on and off. This is different for smart buildings in that the lighting systems sense when people move. With people present, the lights are on and when they vacate the room they automatically turn themselves off.


Smart building lighting systems have brought a lot of ease to the work of building managers. It has also enhanced the security of the occupants and visitors of a building in that one does not have to fear what could endanger them because if anything is wrong, they are automatically be notified.

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