What are the key elements of SEO content writing?

The term SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, has been a buzz word in the digital marketing industry for quite some time now. The digital platforms analysts and experts have bombarded the internet on information regarding the importance, potential and benefits of SEO Company. While it’s true, with so much information to look around, one often gets flummoxed when it comes to SEO. Where to begin with is the very first question that hits your mind. Therefore, it’s important to segregate the key features of SEO content writing. Well, SEO friendly content is written in accordance with the audience’s interests and insights. It’s filled with proper keywords, both short tail and long tail, which drives quality traffic towards your site. It’s important that the content you write is optimized according to the search engines so that it can drive maximum traffic towards your site and boost your conversion rates.

Any form of SEO writing, be it blogs, articles or even snippets need to be targeted towards certain specific queries and keywords which will help you in reaching out to a larger audience. Though readers appreciate genuine, relevant, and engaging content, there is no point if it does not reach the target audience. In order to ensure that your content reaches out to as many people as it can, you need to make your content SEO-friendly. You can do so in various ways.

First things first, so even before committing yourself to SEO content writing, it is important that you come up with a proper content writing strategy that will give you a sense of what is to be done. It’s important that you understand your audience, their behavioural patterns using various features available on the digital media platforms. Once you are clear about your goals and have a fair idea as to what is to be done, only then begin writing the content. It’s extremely important that you begin with the basics, so here’s a list of some of the key features of SEO content writing that might help you to begin with: –  

  1.   Keyword research – One of the major features of SEO content writing services is using proper keywords. It is one of the ways through which you can optimize your content. It’s important that you understand the keyword niche and use them appropriately. For maximum visibility, it is important that you incorporate the most searched and used keywords on the search engines. By doing so, you will ensure that your content is easily identifiable and appears on the first page of the SERP. It will make sure that your content reaches a wider audience who are looking for the same topics and niches. In order to make sure that your content is visible in the SERPs, it’s important that you use relevant keywords.

However, incorporating keywords does not mean that you end up putting keywords, one after another, without using them properly. If you just use them for the sake of using them, then there are chances that your site can be penalized by the search engine. You will have to optimize your keywords in such a way that it not only ensures your visibility on the SERPs but also proves to be useful enough for your readers. Well, preferably, you should be using them at the beginning of the text and at the end of it, so that the integration of the keywords looks befitting and natural. Don’t end up overdoing it and jump towards keyword cannibalization. 

  1.     Use of Meta titles and Meta descriptions – An extremely crucial part of on-page SEO. The meta description is basically a snippet around 155 characters which summarizes the content of your page in the title and descriptions. On the other hand, the meta title can be of around 55 characters which are displayed in the SERPs. A well-written meta description usually includes 3 keywords and defines your business in such a way that it attracts more and more people. One of the most tried and tested hacks used by most established sites is to include actionable words in the text such as ‘’Learn more, Get it for free, Try now’’ are some of the elements that you can use in your meta descriptions and meta titles. Although, many search engines argue that there is no such benefit of using meta descriptions but actually it does benefit you indirectly via Google. Google monitors the CTR, click-through rate, on the basis of which it judges and moves your position on the SERP. Also, keep in mind that your meta descriptions and titles are unique because if they will be the same and match with thousands of sites who are in the same industry, then it’s of no use. The idea is to keep it short and crisp with the only necessary information in the active voice with actionable insights.
  1.     Focus on the creativity – When it comes to the key features of SEO friendly content, one of the major ranking factors is EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. It’s important that you create genuine content. It is one of the frameworks that Google uses to rank your content. Google ensures that only premium quality content gets picked up in the SERPs. You can re-write some of the known facts but to come up with something original is really important. You could actually be a storyteller when it comes to SEO content writing. You can use a lot of elements to make it creative. Although, you might think that this is not really a part of SEO but directly or indirectly, there is a clear relationship in what appears in the search engine results and what Google thinks is high quality content. SEO services are actually quite sure that EAT plays a crucial role in this, and it must be a part of your SEO content strategy. This is one of the most basic and key features of your SEO strategy because nothing beats informative and engaging content.
  1. Work on your backlinks – This might sound a bit technical but is actually quite easy to understand. Whenever a webpage links to another page, it is known as a backlink. It is one of the key features of acing your content writing game. The more backlinks you achieve, the better it is for your site. Having backlinks is similar to voting, if more and more people vouch for your content and share it, then the search engines infer that the content is of high quality and is worth displaying on the first few pages of the SERPs. However, it does not mean that any sites could link to your webpages and you get positive results. It is extremely important that you earn your backlinks from sites which are relevant for your industry. If it’s used by spam sites or irrelevant web pages then most likely you, there will be no positive result of these backlinks. Earning relevant and genuine backlinks is an extremely important part of your off-page SEO content writing. If you are now to the digital world, then it’s natural that you wouldn’t know much about this idea. So, for the beginners, it’s best to go for competitive backlink research to get an idea of how it works. The backlinks are considered one of the key elements of SEO content writing because it showcases your brand’s credibility and reliability from other sources. These inbound links are essential for your SERPs. To achieve so, it’s important that SEO content writing services create articles that are time relevant, reliable and engaging. Only if people relate to your, articles, blogs or any other form of content, will you be able to achieve genuine backlinks.
  1. Content auditing – Well, we did mention the importance of fresh and engaging content for SEO friendly content. However, all these factors contribute to polishing the new content which is written for your website. What about the older content that you published on your website? Do you know that building a perfect page which has SEO friendly content is not about a single article or blogs? It’s a process that involves constant changes. One of the key features of SEO content writing is auditing your content. Auditing your content is a crucial part of the strategy because it will let you know about what kind of content works for you and your site. You will be able to know the response of your viewers on your posts. This will lead to a better mutual understanding between you and your viewers. Thus, auditing your content makes sure that it’s still time relevant, developing and constantly involving. This way, your older blogs and articles won’t appear just like a long lost memory but something that is still relevant for your viewers and you can go back to it. Cancel out the information which has become outdated and modify it accordingly. By doing so, you increase your chances of being found in the SERPs because if your older content is still relevant and engaging, the chances are that it boosts your entire SEO game to a next level.
  1.     Eye-catchy headings – Well, when it comes to content writing, it is important that you engage the audience at the beginning of your articles. They say what catches the eye, attracts the mind right? The digital media platforms are filled with a number of brands and businesses. Thus, it’s extremely important that you attract the user’s attention at the very opportunity that you get. For that is necessary to employ attractive and compelling headlines in all your content. Be it a blog or article; in order to sustain the user’s attention, it’s extremely important that you include headlines which spark interest in your viewers. It need not be something very elaborate but something simple yet catchy to go with can help you out. Well-written headlines can make a huge impact on your SERPs. Thus it’s important that you invest in it. It is the first impression that your reader gets of your content and you cannot afford to lose it. With thousands of options to click on, it is necessary that you have a headline that forces your readers to stop and read what’s written. As it increases the number of clicks and impressions, it has a direct way of effecting your SEO strategy.

Well, these were some of the key features of SEO content writing that you must incorporate in all forms of content that you write for your webpage. Search engine optimization is a really important aspect of your page. In order to combat other competitors in the online market, it is important that you have good search engine results.

Although there are many SEO content writing services that you can hire to help your agenda, its best to choose one which has professional experience. Many of the SEO content writing services providers will be able to help you out because it’s their arena of concern. Since they are specialized in this field, it will be easier for them to write keyword-rich content and incorporate Meta descriptions. Tags, and etc. on your content. The whole idea is to expand your user engagement; it’s important that you start identifying your audience and their behavioral patterns.

Once you have bridged the gap between you and your audience, there is nothing that’s going to stop you. SEO content writing is just one of the ways through which you can reach out to a larger audience. The digital world is now the first platform that people visit in order to access information. With blogs and online articles getting recognition more than ever, it’s important that you also indulge in this process and be a part of it. SEO content writing will not only help you in creating perfect brand awareness but also help you in connecting with your audience. It’s important that you stick to the basics and once you have incorporated the above-mentioned tags in your content, there is no going back. Good relevant content and consistency are what matters. 

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