What Brands Are Donating Profits to Support Ukraine Relief Efforts?

You may have hoped the humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be long over by now. Unfortunately, the people of Ukraine are still battling against terrors like bombings and invasions over a month after Russia started this unprovoked war. 

Thankfully, people like you are looking for ways to support Ukraine. Keep reading to learn about some companies that are donating portions of their sales to Ukraine relief efforts.

Ways to Support Ukraine

There are a few different ways you can send Ukraine aid, no matter how small they may feel. Fundraisers, donations, political protests, and initiatives are some of the ways people are helping Ukraine. 

In addition to these efforts, you can help Ukraine just by doing the shopping you would normally do. 

Some brands, like Adidas, have ended contracts with Russian organizations. And they are donating products and money directly to relief efforts in Ukraine. Some are even creating special products whose proceeds go directly to helping out refugees. 

Shopping these brands and buying these special products is such an easy way to make a difference by doing something you would normally do anyway. 

Tombolo Company

Tombolo company makes gender-neutral leisurewear and vacation outfits. They have specially designed the Ukraine crisis relief fund cabana shirt to help raise money to donate. 

They are sending one hundred percent of sales to Ukraine. They are using the charity GlobalGiving’s Ukraine crisis relief fund. The funds will go towards necessities like shelter, food, and clean water. 

Celcius54 Candle Co

Celsius54 Candle Co is donating $25 for every one of their Ukraine twist candles sold. 

They are donating to Ukraine through the charity Sunflower of Peace. They will use the funds to help orphans and other displaced people and provide much-needed medical aid


This Asian-founded beauty brand makes cleansing balms, sleep accessories, moisturizers, and beauty tools. Their products have high quality and natural ingredients. 

They are donating 15% of all the sales from its SLICK SKIN serum to The Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights. The funds go towards helping women, girls, and gender-fluid people in Ukraine. 


Pleasures is a streetwear brand with a Ukrainian co-founder. 

Designer Vlad Elkin is selling a t-shirt with his logo in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The shirt is designed by his uncle who is a Ukrainian graphic designer and illustrator. 

All of the proceeds generated by the shirt sales will be donated to UNICEF. They will go towards helping children and families in Ukraine. 

Buen Camino Jewelry

Buen Camino makes earrings, necklaces, and other accessories. They are donating $1 from every purchase to UNICEF. It will be used to help children in Ukraine and refugees from the country. 

Sports Handicappers NFT

This sports betting NFT marketplace is donating 50% of its profits to relief efforts in Ukraine. You can take part in some fun sports betting by purchasing digital art that is non-replicable. And support children in need of support in Ukraine. 

Participate in Ukraine Relief Efforts

Even though many people feel helpless watching the attacks on the county of Ukraine, remember, every little bit helps. Even if it’s just buying a t-shirt or a necklace you can help send some form of Ukraine relief to millions who are suffering.

Check back in with our blog to stay up to date on other ways you can help out. 

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