What did Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter say about Will Smith’s Oscars drama? Explained details

Will Smith and Chris Rock’s slap in the Oscars is viral on the internet, and many celebrities are reacting to that incident on Twitter and other social media. Will Smith’s slap in Oscar probably went down in all probability, and it was the most memorable moment in the award recently. In that incident, Chris Rock linked Jada Pinkett Smith; because of that, only Will slapped the comedian on the Oscar award stage. Then Chris did not fill any report based on LAPD, and also Will Smith apologized to him in public for his action of slapping him on stage. But social media was dominated by discussions about whether he is correct or not for his behavior was acceptable, or some are claiming he is wrong.      

What did Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter say about Will Smith’s Oscars fiasco?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Youngest daughter Bernice King told that about the viral slap. Also, she hit once the critics are calming Will Smith’s behavior, disappointed by every individual who noticed the black neighborhood. Roger Ross Williams, a member of the Black Academy of governors, reported to the Hollywood reporter that the incident reinforced the stereotypes about black people. Also, they told me that it had hurt me to the core. She continued to post more about the incident, and many people think this incident was about racism.   

Who is Bernice King?

Bernice King is a famous American lawyer and minister, and she is best known as the young daughter of famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Her mother’s name is Coretta Scott King. He has one older sister named Yolanda, who died in 2007, and her brother’s name is Dexter Scott King. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, on March 28, 1963. Her father died when she was a child, and then her mother cared for and raised all the children as a single mother.

Bernice also won many awards and honors for his work as a lawyer and minister. Bernice was named in Ebony magazine as she is the Ten of Tomorrow future leader for the black community. On October 27, 2009, Bernice was awarded the Lifetime service for women and many other causes at National Coalition 100 Black Women Convention.    

How Celebs react to Will Smith’s behavior

Many celebrities recast Will Smith’s Behaviour on the Oscar stage, and most of the celebrities post their reaction through social media. After the slapping incident, it was viral on social media for Smith. Many celebrities support Will Smith for protecting and supporting his wife from others in public places. Soon after the incident, Will received the award in the same stage. Judd Apatow tweets that Will could have killed Chris at the time, and he was out of control ad violent at that time. There are millions of jokes in Hollywood for more than the last three deceased. But Smith lost his mind during the incident, which is shocking to see on tv and radio. Many people posted their options about the incident on the Oscar stage on social media.

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