What Education Do You Need To Become A Registered Nurse?

Nurses are the pillar of the healthcare system, and without their contribution, the system collapses down. They work for grueling hours and often have to do double, treble shifts in one go. Although their job is mentally exhausting, physically taxing, and emotionally draining, nurses are mostly seen wearing a smile and handling patients with care. Nurses work alongside doctors and help them provide patients with appropriate treatment and care. They are the bridge that connects patients, patient’s families, doctors, and other healthcare workers. Nursing is a noble profession, and nurses generally receive respect from people from all walks of life.

Many people want to make a career in a field that allows them to serve humanity while also earning money. They find their calling in nursing and want to pursue this profession. Moreover, a rising number of medical issues are putting stress on healthcare systems as they struggle in dealing with an influx of patients. Many people tackle health problems like fluctuations in sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol level, and new diseases constantly emerging, raising the demand for nurses.

Online education is gaining immense momentum. Today, many people prefer e-education feasible. It offers flexibility, is cost-saving, and allows students to fulfill their other responsibilities. To become a nurse, they need to enroll in an online nursing program and satisfy the course requirements. The key is to register in one of the accredited online MSN programs as several courses may not be accredited.

Discoveries, new research findings, and technological advancements have paved the way for different nursing sectors and made it a vast field.

Registered Nurse

Mainstream media has a newfound love for the portrayal of healthcare workers, and people often visit medical facility centers. They think they have understood the role of nurses. They think nurses’ job entails carrying medical supplies, administering shots, and giving doctors’ prescribed medicines to patients while wearing scrubs. The truth is a registered nurse’s job requires much more than that, and they need to go through a vigorous process to become one.

Education RNs Need to Earn

An RN is a prestigious designation, as RNs are responsible for many essential tasks. They need to complete an associate degree in nursing, ADN, or earn a bachelor’s in nursing BSN. The degree alone does not make them eligible to work as a registered nurses as they have to fulfill further requirements. Although with an associate degree and after passing the exam, they can secure a job as an RN, earning a BSN raises their chances of landing a job with higher pay. For an entry-level position, an ADN is sufficient, and it is a quicker and cost-saving way of starting a career as a nurse. You can pursue an online BSN while working as an entry-level nurse and gradually advance your practice.

Additionally, you can move ahead in your career and climb the ladder of success further. To work on a higher level, RNs need to enroll in an MSN, Masters in Science in Nursing, and advance their career. With a Master’s degree, RNs can take up more advanced jobs and work at a high-level designation.

Exams They Need to Pass

National Council Licensure Examination, commonly referred to as NCLEX, determines if the applicants are qualified to work as nurses and provide appropriate care to the patients. Students can register for NCLEX-RN when there are about six weeks left in graduation. The exam is unlike other exams students have taken before. Most questions are MCQs with four choices, and some alternate questions also get included. NCLEX- RN is a wholesome test and covers integrated nursing content. NCLEX is CAT, which means it uses the Computerized Adaptive Testing format. Students get up to 6 hours to attempt a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 265 questions.

RN License

Passing exams is not the last step of becoming a registered nurse as students now have to earn a license, which serves as the last step. After completing the degree, putting in required clinical hours, and passing the NCLEX exams, they can obtain their state board of nursing license. Different states have different requirements for RN licenses, and some may require students to do additional training courses. Nurses can also consider Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).It allows nurses to obtain a multi-state license and practice in a state, member of the alliance. At the same time, to get a permit once is insufficient as RNs need to renew their license every 1-4 years. For renewal, RNs should put in some continuing education hours and complete training courses.

RN Duties

RNs’ duties largely depend on the setting they work. Aside from hospitals, they can also land a job in school-associated living facilities, clinics, homes, and more. RNs’ duties are as varied as the nursing sector. Some of the typical responsibilities of RNs are as follows:

  • Administer shots and giving medications to patients
  • Monitor them closely to record their condition and see if they show any side -effects
  • Record patients’ vital signs and constantly update their information.
  • Run diagnostic tests/ collect samples for lab test
  • Assist doctors with treatment procedures
  • Educate patients about their aftercare
  • Communicate with patients’ families and doctors
  • Nurse wounds and provide skincare
  • Get patients prepared for different medical assessments
  • Maintain a record of patients’ symptoms
  • Coordinate with other healthcare members to devise, implement and evaluate patients’ care plans

Where Can RNs Work?

RNs can work in various settings. While hospitals and clinics are prominent places for registered nurses, modern nursing allows RNs to work in different locations. They have a wide range of working environments to choose from and pick one that suits their skills and interests. They can work in various camps, NGOs, schools, missionary clinics, war zones, military bases, or correlation facility centers. RNs can also work in patients’ homes and provide care to sick people. RNs can further advance their careers by registering in a DNP program online. The degree will help them work in an influential position. Besides, a DNP will also enhance earning opportunities and enable them to bring reform in nursing.


Nurses are responsible individuals who show perseverance and perform their duties with vigilance. Skillful registered nurses play a crucial role in assisting doctors in prescribing treatments and running the diagnostic process. RNs need many skills, and amalgamation of leadership, effective communication, analytical thinking, and emotional strength make them effective RNs. Since online education is booming, people can register in online nursing programs to pursue a career in the nursing sector. Registered nurses need to obtain a degree, enabling them to work as RN in different environments.

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