What happened before and after the child died in Carlisle in 2017?

On Wednesday morning, an assistant prosecutor for Warren County told the jury that Brooke Skylar Richardson “killed a kid she didn’t want and never intended to keep.” Steven Knippen made this statement. The lawyer for Richardson said that when the Carlisle woman gave birth at home, the baby was white, didn’t move, and wasn’t breathing. A jury of seven women and five men will decide the fate of the 20-year-old woman accused of killing her newborn daughter in the days after her senior prom in 2017 and burying the child in her parent’s garden On Wednesday, the first day of hearings, Knippen, defence attorney Charlie Rittgers, and other medical experts and law enforcement officers discussed what they thought happened before and after the child died.

The relationship between Trey Johnson and Richardson lasts for a month

The state says its first witness, 21-year-old Trey Johnson, is the child’s biological father. Johnson says that he and Richardson went on a date in August 2016 for about a month. He said that they had slept together twice and that the first time, neither of them wore protection. Johnson says that Richardson ended their relationship on August 26, before Johnson started his first year of college. He says that Richardson then blocked him on social media, and they had “no kind of contact.”

The doctor tells Richardson on April 26, 2017, that she is pregnant

Knippen said in his opening remarks that Richardson felt she was pregnant and was “seeking confirmation” when she made an appointment at Hilltop Obstetrics and Gynecology to get birth control pills.

Knippen says that Richardson’s obstetrician, Dr William Andrew, told her on April 26, 2017, that she was about 32 weeks pregnant and would give birth within the next few weeks. When Dr Andrew talked to Brooke about her pregnancy, she kept saying that she couldn’t have this baby and was adamant about not telling anyone that she was pregnant, Knippen said. “When Dr Andrew asked Brooke about her pregnancy, she told him repeatedly that she couldn’t have this baby.

Andrew said he did an ultrasound on her to make sure she was pregnant. He did this because, as he told her, it could be helpful for a patient who is having trouble accepting that they are pregnant. He showed the beat of her heart. Andrew said that even though the ultrasound was neither full nor official, it didn’t show anything strange.

College updates

He said that Richardson was still sad after the scan, and she said at one point that she couldn’t have a child because she was going to college in the fall. He said that after the ultrasound, Richardson was still upset. Andrew says he told her that she didn’t have to raise the baby just because she was pregnant, and he told her to call him if she ever thought about hurting herself or the baby. Andrew also said he told her to call him if she thought about hurting herself or the baby.

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