What happened to Jamison Bachman? How Did He Die? Harry Bachman was accused of killing his brother in Elkins Park, Details discussed

Netflix’s “Worst Roommate Ever,” which premiered earlier this year, has swiftly become a streaming blockbuster because of its focus on the narrative of Jamison Bachman and some of the numerous people he is accused of wrong. Nevertheless, what ended up happening to the Philadelphia serial squatter? Is there any truth to what we saw in the Netflix show? Despite his ingenious ways of apartment theft, Bachman has generally evaded investigation. Using false identities and legal loopholes, the tenant terrorizer misled multiple individuals into letting him reside with them. When it came time to pay rent, Bachman would ignore the notice and laugh at his housemates.

Jamison Bachman fought with his Philadelphia housemates

According to reports from the area, Jamison Bachman was a notorious lawbreaker who often struggled with Philadelphia’s judicial system. He had racked up many bills in the Empire States and was now living between New York and Philadelphia. In 2013, Bachman allegedly garnered popularity for vandalising Melissa Frost’s West Philadelphia house and refusing to leave, as reported by New York Magazine and other media.

In addition to the stories told by Sonia Acevedo, Arleen Hairabedian, and Alex Miller on Worst Roommate Ever, Frost’s account is yet another illustration of Bachman’s nefarious deeds, which included things like removing bath mats and employing unusual methods, such as pouring cat litter into toilets. According to Frost, the repetitive tasks the settlers did were very life-consuming. Things took a catastrophic turn after Bachman’s squatting incident.

Murder of Harry Bachman: What Happened to Him?

Although the murder of Harry Bachman, Jamison’s brother, is discussed in Netflix’s “Worst Roommate Ever,” some details are easy to ignore since the murder happened months after the nightmare Alex Miller went through when Bachman was living in her apartment. According to the police report, Harry was worried that Jamison might visit him at his house sometime before his death in November 2017.

He allegedly texted his wife Caroline just before his murder: “Guess who just showed up as I pulled in.” Harry spoke more, and this time you shouldn’t try to guess. It has been said that Jamison was quite angry when Harry and his wife turned down his desire to remain with them since the brothers were notorious for fighting. The authorities said that once Jamison arrived, there was a violent conflict in which Harry received a critical head wound and died as a result. Jamison is suspected of killing his elder brother Harry with a hammer and then abandoning Harry’s corpse on the basement stairs.

After using his brother’s credit cards, Jamison drove Harry’s red 2013 Ford Escape seven miles away, booked into a hotel, and was finally captured. Jamison Bachman, 60, was charged with first- and third-degree murder after his brother’s death, suggesting that authorities were looking into the possibility of premeditation in the crime. His trial was scheduled to begin in Philadelphia on January 12, 2018, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for December 11, 2017. On December 8, 2017, Bachman died in his jail cell.

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