What happened to Jessey Lee and Chèrie Chan? Personal details and bio about Jessey Lee’s Ex-wife explored!

Bling Empire, a Netflix reality programme, is perfect for you if you like seeing fortunate people fall into trouble. The programme focuses on successful Asians and Asian Americans in the Los Angeles area. Even though there have only been two seasons of the programme thus far, its characters and plots have already captivated us. Fans of Bling Empire adored seeing Jessey Lee and Chèrie Chan become engaged at the first season’s conclusion, but they departed the programme in the midst of the second season. Nonetheless, now that season two has here, we know that Jessey was previously married to a lady called Crystal. This is what we know about his previous relationship.

Who exactly is Crystal, Jessey’s ex-wife?

In the premiere of Bling Empire Season 2, Leah Qin explained to Jaime Xie how she had met Chèrie. Leah claims to have met Chèrie on the same day she met Jessey, even though he was married to Crystal at the time, and the couple now has two children. Jessey and Chèrie departed the Bling Empire set before the other cast members could question them about Crystal. However, Crystal’s true identity remains a mystery to her followers. Reports from The Cinemaholic indicate that Jessey and Crystal tied the knot in June 2011. He filed for divorce four years later, but she filed a response. Years of litigation culminated in a bench trial in Texas in 2016, and the case is still ongoing as of the summer of 2019.

Is Jessey still in a married relationship?

Jessey and Crystal divorced, although it was never made public. Jessey and Chèrie were married in Paris on September 8, 2021. Thus their legal difficulties with Crystal must have been handled by then. Due to COVID regulations, just eight guests could attend the couple’s wedding, according to People. Chèrie, on the other hand, claimed to Daily Pop that he organised the whole event. All the rules meant that neither Jessey’s nor Chèrie’s families could go to Paris for the wedding. But they want to organise a bigger celebration in the future so that everyone may take part.

What happened to cause Jessey Lee and Chèrie Chan to quit “Bling Empire”?

Jessey reportedly informed Daily Pop that he and Chèrie left Bling Empire to concentrate on their family and enterprises. Fans, however, find it more than a little odd that the two departed the programme at the same time Crystal was being discussed. It’s unclear whether Crystal was responsible for Jessey and Chèrie’s departure from the Netflix programme, but some fans may be relieved to see them leave. A few individuals have complained about how “boring” they are to watch on Twitter. Why the wedding preparations of Cherie and Jessey are so dull to watch is beyond me. None of this has aroused the man. We agree with the viewers who commented that if Jessey and Chèrie had stayed on the programme, their plot would have benefited from addressing the problems in their relationship. Netflix currently has both seasons of “Bling Empire” available for streaming.

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