What Happened to Kristy Jenkins, the Wife of Baltimore’s Wayne Jenkins? An In-Depth Analysis of him In We Own the City

Jenkins Wayne’s Wife, Kristy Jenkins, sent a letter to the judge pleading for mercy on behalf of her husband, Baltimore. We Own the City is an HBO documentary series based on the life of corrupt former Baltimore Police Department sergeant Wayne Jenkins. The story of “We Own the City” revolves around a gang of dishonest police officers who, while on the job, participate in various unlawful pursuits. Wayne is an official in the law enforcement system. Therefore, let’s go further into Wayne Jenkins’s family and legal past by gathering more information on his wife.

What Happened to Kristy Jenkins, the Wife of Baltimore’s Wayne Jenkins?

His wife, Kristy, is a lawyer, and W. Wayne Jenkins is a former police sergeant with the Baltimore Police Department. She has been out of the public eye since her husband was arrested and brought before the court. While Wayne was on trial, Kristy sent a letter to the judge asking for compassion in his sentence and pleading for the court to save her husband’s life. Kristy and Wayne had been together since they were in high school, and they ultimately got married.

The marriage was content up to the point when Jenkins was arrested. Jenkins has a profound commitment to his family, as seen by the several occasions on which he stationed himself outside the city and travelled for hours only to visit his wife. Showbiz Cast asserts that the couple has three beautiful children together. The course of Wayne’s career has taken an unavoidable turn, and he will no longer be able to see his child grow from a child into an adult.

Analysing the Wayne Jenkins Baltimore Prison Sentence

A life sentence was handed down to convicted murderer Wayne Jenkins, who once resided in Baltimore. During his trial, on January 5, 2018, Jenkins entered a guilty plea to one count of racketeering, two counts of robbery, one count of destroying, modifying, or fabricating documents in a federal investigation, and four counts of deprivation of rights under the court of law. All of these charges were brought against him.

At first, he was charged with two counts of racketeering conspiracy, two crimes of racketeering, two counts of aiding and abetting in racketeering, two counts of robbery, and two counts of possession of a pistol in furtherance of a crime of violence. According to an article published in Newsweek, he was then charged with the unlawful deprivation of rights under the law of the land and the destruction, alteration, or falsification of documents in connection with federal investigations.

The Family of Wayne Jenkins Explored

The family has a significant place in Wayne Jenkins’s heart. It was a blessing for him to have such a lovely wife and those three wonderful children. When he is required to serve his sentence in prison in Kentucky, he will, unfortunately, be separated from the people he cares about for a significant portion of that time.

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