What Happened To Steven Stayner After Abduction? Where is he now? Details of abduction and release explored

It was determined that Steven Stayner was the victim of sexual assault. Kenneth Parnell abducted Steven intending to molest him. Steven was attacked on his first night in Parnell’s cabin. Thirteen days later, on December 17, 1972, Kenneth started rapping to Steven. Even though Steven had repeatedly expressed his desire to return home during the first week, Kenneth informed him that he had been granted legal custody of the kid since his parents could no longer care for so many children. Kenneth enrolled Steven in school for the following three years under the name Dennis Gregory Parnell, but he kept the boy’s true middle name and date of birth.

During their time together, Stayner and Kenneth travelled extensively around California, stopping in cities including Santa Rosa and Comptche, where Kenneth claimed to be Stayner’s biological father. For 18 months, Kenneth and Steven had Barbara Mathias as their maid. When Steven was nine years old, he alleged that Barbara and Kenneth repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted him.

What Happened To Steven Stayner After Abduction?

Kenneth Parnell abducted Steven Stayner and spirited him away to the Golden State. For Steven’s enrollment in many schools over the next few years, his father, Parnell, started using the name Dennis Gregory Parnell while maintaining the child’s true middle name and date of birth. Stayner and Kenneth moved about a lot, posing as a parent and pretending to live in Santa Rosa and Comptche, among other areas in California. When Steven was young, he could indulge in alcoholic beverages whenever he pleased.

Kenneth had also hopped from one menial job to another, with some of these positions forcing him to travel and leave Stayner exposed, leading an adult Steven to comment that he could have easily taken advantage of these absences as chances to escape, but he didn’t know how to seek relief. One of the few bright spots in Steven’s life with Kenneth was a Manchester Terrier Kenneth gave him; he called her Queenie. His mother had delivered Steven to Parnell and didn’t know he was there the whole time he was there.

Personal details of Steven Stayner

They have a daughter called Ashley and a son named Steven Jr., after the happy couple, who married in 1985 when Jody Edmondson was just 17. In addition, Steven spoke to children about the need to be safe and gave interviews about his experience being held captive. In his later years, Steven, who had previously been a follower of Mormonism, converted to the LDS religion. At the time of his untimely death, he was working as a pizza delivery driver in Merced. On September 16, 1989, he was riding his motorbike home from work when he was hit by a car and killed instantaneously. The driver then sped away. One of the 500 mourners who attended Stayner’s burial was a young boy named Timmy White, who was just 14 years old.

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