What Happened to Zachary Latham? Verdict and Trial Update, Was Sarah Latham’s Wife Involved?

Zachary Latham, a 19-year-old American TikToker, was recently arrested in New Jersey on suspicion of fatally murdering his next-door neighbour. Latham confessed to the accusations after first being arrested as a suspect. According to recent accounts, Latham allegedly killed his neighbour to gain public recognition and become famous. People were taken aback by the assertions that were being made. As a result, we may conclude that he utilized TikTok videos to garner attention or become a viral success on the internet.

Where is Zachary Latham at the Moment?

Zachary Latham is charged with homicide, serious assault, and weapon usage. They’re saying that the accusations against their clients shouldn’t be made public and that the TikToker, his wife, and two other people involved in the fight should all be charged with first-degree murder. The accusation against Zachary Latham is that he stabbed his next-door neighbour in the back to death. While all was going on, Latham was released from jail in May and is expected to face charges later this year (2022). The case brought against the prosecutor’s family will not be dismissed, as written by Jennifer Webb-McRae to the attorneys in Durham.

The wife of Zachary Latham Was Involved in the Conflict

Sarah Latham is Zachary Latham’s wife, and they have a child together. She rose to fame in the public eye when her name was linked to the Zachary case. Sarah was there during the fight that resulted in Latham’s death at the hands of his next-door neighbour. Her TikTok video of the incident was later determined to be a hoax, and she apologized profusely for her actions. The Durham family claims that their child was the one who lured them to Latham’s home before so that Latham could begin a social media campaign on them. 

TikTok videos of Zachary Latham explained

Zachary Latham, a member of TikTok who filmed himself killing his neighbour and posting the video online to get fame, is exactly what he claims to be: a murderer. On May 4, 2020, he stabbed William Durham Sr., an experienced officer who worked in the prison system. This event resulted from a fight near the victim’s house and ended in Latham’s garage. On top of everything else, there are rumours that Latham has been stalking Durham’s wife for weeks since he tried to hit one of their boys with his vehicle as he rode his bike down the street.

The incident that sparked these rumours occurred when Latham tried to hit one of their boys with his vehicle. The Durhams were chasing Latham as they brutally fought for possession of their region as he made his way back to his house. The TikToker went into his kitchen as soon as he saw that the Durhams were getting closer, and there he prepared himself with a stun gun and a cutter. He attempted to stab William Durham Jr. with the knife but was unsuccessful. His right arm was pierced with a knife as the father approached Latham.

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