What is Deep Linking in a Mobile App?

With deep links in place, someone searching for a business will be directed to the app instead of the website as though the app has been installed. Because apps provide the chance to more quickly customize a search, using deep links for your business can drive potential customers to exactly the right spot.

A Wide Array of Options

The commercial applications of deep links are quite extensive. In addition, deep links can provide access to data for professionals in highly technical fields, such as the life sciences cloud options for those exchanging data with other professionals to expand data sharing and enhance the spread of research.

When Deep Links are Deferred

A direct link to an app that isn’t yet installed may offer a few search options but then directly link the viewer to the app store on their phone. Some notification to the shopper or viewer to give them a heads-up on the nature of that deferred deep link would be a helpful addition at this point. Because the shopper has to take any action to see more data from your app, a request to download the app and the offer of a discount or bulk buy price break would be a great choice.

Making Minute Adjustments in Your App

You can alter your app links to direct potential clients to the best app field that corresponds to their search. Once you have a deep link generator working in your app, you can customize links to your specific campaigns. Your app pages can be linked to specific searches, email links, and text responses.

Sync Your Deep Links to Their Wish List

The first step is to make sure that you offer your potential customers the chance to set up several different lists. Offer both a private and a public listing option. Once they start to load products on their lists, make sure you connect your discount options to your customer’s lists. This form of mobile deep linking can turn everyone’s phone into your store.

You can also use this as a client reward system with a simple coding box at purchase. If your client refers another first-time buyer to your site, send them a discount code for the item that’s been on their list the longest. Offer free shipping on something a bit heavy. By letting your client know that you appreciate their efforts on your behalf, you have a volunteer marketing force that also buys from you!

Increase Conversions

Turning a shopper into a buyer may take a few nudges from the initial search into your app. Consider using a nudge reminder of a special offer, starter discount, or “first time client” free gift. Budget gurus are encouraging folks to wait 24 hours to make a purchase. If your potential customer adds something to the new list they created, notify them again in 24 hours that the discount is still in place.

Selling your products and services can be much harder during this time of economic uncertainty. Keeping your products and business at the front of the mind of a buyer may take multiple touches. Places like AppsFlyer can help you build great products and create exceptional experiences.

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