What is Right for You: Strip Doors or PVC Swing Doors?

If you’ve been considering utilising PVC strips in your doorways, you might want to think about choosing a door kit rather than ordering strips to your specifications. There are many advantages to using both types of doors, but there are multiple elements that you want to bear in mind.

Let’s understand the difference between strip doors & pvc swing doors and pick the right one that perfectly caters to your business needs.

1. Cost-Effective

You can acquire bespoke PVC curtains to match a particular location and might not need to have them constructed to unique specs if you don’t have a sophisticated entryway or even if it’s just a simple doorway like any other. Instead, you can use PVC strip door kits to install the PVC curtains quickly and easily. Why pay more to manufacture custom curtains when you can use pre-made door kits instead?

2. Doors Keep Everything Inside

PVC strip curtains can be quite useful for preventing items from escaping and getting in. One illustration of this is the fact that because the curtains help regulate temperature, your business (or house) will be able to save between 35% and 50% on energy costs. The temperature-controlled air won’t be able to escape from the space behind your PVC door as much if it is heated or chilled, so your system won’t have to struggle to maintain the right temperature.

Additionally, you can confine sounds to a certain region. Depending on the PVC door thickness you select and the spacing between the strips, you can minimise noise pollution by as much as 18db. It can be a huge blessing for anyone standing outside the entryway in a location where heavy gear is operating.

3. Doors are Perfect for Pest Control

PVC strip doors are excellent at letting through only the stuff you desire. Although people can pass through them, pests won’t find it easy. Mice, insects, and other pests with smaller bodies won’t be able to move the curtains. It indicates that they remain outside, as is their intended location. On the other hand, PVC curtains may not effectively control the pest from entering the premises.

In such cases, consider choosing PVC strip doors in your premises.

4. Doors Let Light In

Light is one thing that the curtains do not block from entering. You can obtain up to 80% more light transmission through your PVC strip door than if there was nothing in the doorway. Since the material is clear, visibility won’t need to be improved by adding additional lighting or turning on more lights. If your doorway faces the outside, lots of natural light will enter the room.

5. Doors are Safe to Use

As they are DOP Free and REACH Compliant, PVC strip door kits are rated as highly as possible for health and safety. They are not a possible hazard in a fire event because they are likewise classified as Self-Extinguishing (DIN 53 382). More visibility will significantly enhance your safety because you can see through the entryway before you enter via the curtains.


PVC vinyl strip doors are an excellent solution for controlling temperatures and preventing contaminants and pests from entering any commercial building. On the other hand, PVC swing doors are the perfect answer for high traffic volumes and demanding temperature conditions.

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