What To Do If There’s Something Wrong With Your New Home

If you have moved into a new home only to find there’s something wrong with it, try not to panic. It’s understandable that you might feel disappointed. However, there are some things you can do to remedy the situation.

Try to Determine What’s Wrong

What is it that is causing a problem? Is it a material defect that could easily be remedied? Have a look and see if there is an issue with a system (such as the plumbing). Alternatively, there could be an issue with a component in the lighting, for example.

Determining what the cause is can help you to find a solution. You could ask for help from your home’s warranty provider here. Alternatively, there may be other avenues that you can take.

Try To Remain Calm

It’s not easy remaining calm when there’s an issue with something you’ve worked hard for. However, remaining calm can help you to:

  • Think more clearly
  • Identify what the real issue is
  • Determine what has caused the issue
  • Work out how you can solve the issue
  • Decide on the next best steps that you can take

Feeling angry, sad, or frustrated is perfectly normal. Simply try to remain calm so you’re more likely to find a solution to the issue.

Understand Your State’s Disclosure Laws

Disclosure laws can have an impact on the outcome of the issue. If you have found a problem that was not disclosed before you purchased your home you could take legal action.

The legal action that you take could be carried out against the individual who sold you the home.

The individual may be required to reimburse you for replacements or repairs, if necessary.

Understanding Who Is At Fault

The issues with your new home may not always be the seller’s fault. Rather, the responsibility could lay with:

  • The real estate agent
  • The real estate broker
  • The home inspector
  • The company that built your new home
  • The architect who designed your home

The above people such as the home inspector could be liable. This is the case if they failed to make you aware of some issues.

Who To Ask For Help

It is always worth asking for help. Discovering that something’s wrong with your new home can be upsetting. The good news is that help is usually available.

If you cannot make a claim on your home’s warranty, ask an attorney for help.

A real estate attorney can potentially help you to find the person or people responsible. They may also help you to make a claim which could end up in court.

If you discover that something is wrong with your new home, try not to worry. You might not have to deal with the issues on your own. Use the above tips to help you get through and deal with the issues. Sooner or later your new home can be a more pleasant place to be.

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