What to Do With an Old Car: The Top Options to Consider

40 million. That’s how many used cars are sold in America every single year. Clearly, there’s an enormous market for pre-owned vehicles in this country!

Don’t be fooled, though…

Getting rid of a second-hand car can be easier said than done- especially when you’re dealing with an old banger! With rust under the wheel wells, bumps on the chassis, and countless miles on the clock, willing buyers often seem few and far between. Know the struggle and wondering what to do with an old car?

Let us help! Today we’re going through the best options for getting rid of a used vehicle. Check them out, put them into practice, and you’ll have parted ways with your unwanted whip in no time.

Scrap It

Looking for the simplest way to dispose of an old car? Take it to the junkyard! They’ll accept it, dismantle it, and salvage and sell whatever they can from it.

Heck, some junkyards might even pay you something in return. At the very least, the business owner may agree to collect the vehicle from your home. This isn’t a ‘payment’ in the typical sense, of course, but at least you won’t be out of pocket.

We recommend doing some online research, calling around, and seeing which junkyard offers the best deal. In an ideal world, they’ll pick the car truck up and give you some money for it as well.

Fix, Renovate, and Sell It

Selling an old car for any reasonable amount of money might be impossible. Unless that is, you put some time, effort, and cash into fixing it up first!

After all, people are understandably cautious about buying vehicles that show signs of their age. Purchasing a second-hand car from a private seller’s risky enough. Throw bumps, scrapes, rust, and strange noises into the mix and it’s hardly a compelling prospect.

That changes when you iron out the proverbial creases. You could pay a mechanic to inspect the engine, replace worn-out parts, and remove any obvious bumps. Making those sorts of renovations (and having the paperwork to prove it) transforms your old banger into a more interesting proposition for would-be buyers.

Top tip: Never spend more on your old car than you expect to recoup from selling it! The financial loss means you may as well have sold it as-is, regardless of the minimal price tag.

Sell It as-Is

If money’s less of an issue, you could always try selling a junk car without making any prior upgrades or alterations. This approach would save the hassle (and expense) of trying to make it roadworthy and/or visually appealing again! Pop a “for sale” sign in the windscreen, drop the price to attract more interest and see what happens.

You might be surprised at how easy it is to sell! You never know, your old whip might hold more value than you think. The reality that one man’s trash is another’s treasure means, with any luck, even the most decrepit junk cars will find a new home.

And remember, most neighborhoods have junk car buyers that operate in the area. Look for ‘we buy any car’ signs online or offline and give the number a call. You’re unlikely to receive much money for your old vehicle, but at least you’ll get it off your drive!

Give It to Charity

Looking for nothing but good karma in return for your car? Donate it to charity! Assuming the vehicle’s in reasonable condition and has been regularly serviced, a number of non-profit organizations and programs, such as Charity Motors, will happily take it off your hands.

As an added bonus, this donation can be used against your annual tax bill. You might not receive any cash upfront, but at least you’ll save something on your tax return!

Part It Out

Some second-hand cars are worth less than the sum of their parts. In other words, you could enjoy a more significant payday from your vehicle by selling it for parts than in its entirety. Keep that in mind if you have the skills, tools, and inclination to take your car apart!

By stripping it, advertising each item, and selling them to buyers, you can get rid of your unwanted vehicle and earn some decent income in the process.

It’s worth considering the opportunity cost first though. Parting a car, photographing each widget, advertising them online, and shipping them to buyers can take a significant amount of time and energy! For anyone who can earn more from other pursuits, your time (from a financial perspective) will be better spent elsewhere.

Trade It

Still wondering what to do with an old car? Think about trading it.

Of course, the traditional way to trade in a vehicle is at a used-car dealership. You take it to the lot to see if they’ll accept it in return for a discount on another vehicle. If there’s enough value left in yours for them to resell it for a profit, then they might be willing to make an offer (albeit a minimal one!).

Another option is to find a friend, colleague, family member, or acquaintance who might be interested in your old car. Maybe they’re an avid car collector, love taking cars apart as a hobby, or have a side-hustle selling second-hand vehicles. Whatever the case, they might accept your vehicle in exchange for something of equivalent value.

Now You Know What to Do With an Old Car

Second-hand cars and trucks are sold in their tens of millions in the United States. But that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to sell yours without a fight! When you have an old junker on your driveway, finding a buyer can be a challenge.

We hope these ideas on what to do with an old car will prove useful for anyone who’s familiar with the struggle! Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to parting ways with it. To continue your education on matters of motoring, search ‘cars’ on the website now.

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