What’s Amber Heard’s Pink Drink? People speculate sweet leaf water or tea, Details discussed!

There was a lot of attention paid to Amber Heard’s drink bottle after her defamation lawsuit ended. Amber Heard had a week’s vacation from testifying in the Depp-Heard defamation lawsuit, but she was back in the witness box the other day. Some internet users noticed that her water bottle had a pink substance when Heard returned to the stand. Fans are now wondering whether Amber Heard drank anything while testifying in court, which has naturally sparked debate online.

Amber Heard has a pink drink in court, What is it?

After a week off, the trial started with Aquaman’s actress Amber Heard taking the witness for the first time earlier this month. Heard has returned to the witness stand; this time, her water bottle is getting attention from those watching the trial online. Some have noted that Heard’s drink container contains a pink liquid, which has sparked much curiosity and speculation on social media as to what exactly it is that Heard is drinking. Heard is not the first person to have a colourful drink brought into a courtroom. Her previous trips on May 4th and 5th, captured on video by TikTok users, show her drinking a similar coloured drink.

Twitter Users Wonder If It’s Sweet Leaf Water or Tea

People following the case online have begun guessing what flavour Heard’s drink maybe, even though it is likely simply a flavoured beverage of some type. One commenter thought it might be a sweet-leaf tea. A third person thought it might be KoolAid, while a second thought it might be a vitamin/energy combination. In a defamation lawsuit filed in 2018, Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of smearing her name in a 2018 op-ed for the Washington Post. The actress is suing Depp. A new hearing has been scheduled. A video of Heard imbibing has gone popular on the internet. There is no proof, however, that she was drinking. Nonetheless, people have been viewing Amber Heard’s videos online and arguing whether they are true or mistaken in their judgments.

Amber Heard and Jhonny Depp’s case has drawn attention

Despite the fact that Amber Heard has claimed that her ex-husband Johnny Depp abused her during the whole of their marriage. Her 2018 op-ed in the New York Times, in which she claimed to have been a domestic violence victim, has garnered much attention. The op-ed author made no reference to Johnny Depp. The opposite is true for Depp, who successfully sued Heard for slander and received a $ 50 million judgment against her.

The media has been following the defamation trial, which started in April and will close this month. Meanwhile, both Amber and Johnny have given their testimony in court. On the other hand, Depp’s lawyers have yet to cross-examine Amber. Amber’s supporters remain by her side even though the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is seeking to demonstrate that he was also a domestic violence victim.

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