Where can we find Mary Katherine Higdon? A woman has been found guilty of killing her boyfriend; an update Steven

Mary Katherine went back to her home in Griffin, Georgia, after the court said she wasn’t guilty of any charges against her, including murder and having a gun. Steven Andrew Freeman was born in Georgia. He was 23 years old when he was killed in 2018. His story was told on CBS News in a 48 Hours Suspicion episode. The show told about both the investigation and the court case.

Steven Freeman died on August 1, 2018, after being shot in the chest. A bullet was what killed him. His high school sweetheart and girlfriend of seven years, Mary Katherine Higdon, played a cruel joke on him. The prosecution and the defence gave different versions of what happened during the trial. There were inconsistencies in the facts of the case.

Similarly, Katherine was found not guilty of all charges after a one-week trial and four hours of jury deliberation. Now that we’ve gotten that out let’s look into her case and find out where she is.

Mary Katherine Higdon is the one who said that, Where is she? Where is she exactly?

Many people are worried about where Mary Katherine is and what she is going through. When the jury talked about the case, they decided that the teaching assistant, 24, was not guilty of any charges against her, including murder and having guns. Mary Katherine is said to have returned to her home in Griffin, Georgia after her side of the trial was over to continue living there. She hasn’t told anyone about it and hasn’t been online much since then, probably to stay out of the public eye and away from the media.

Aside from that, it seems likely (and should be expected) that Mary Katherine has moved on from the sad things that happened in her past.

The Decision About Mary Katherine and Other Text Messages

The charges against Mary were taken away. Many people in the courtroom were surprised when the judge decided to clear Mary Katherine Higdon of all charges, including murder with malice, felony murder, aggravated assault, and having a handgun while committing a felony. The judge dropped all of Higdon’s charges, which was a complete surprise. Their thesis was based on the idea that Steven Freeman was a Confederate who hurt both his sexual partners and his physical partners. Michael Granims, defending Mary Katherine, showed text messages that showed she was acting in self-defence.

Reports say they called in an expert who agreed that Mary Katherine had signs of Battered Woman Syndrome. Before August 1, 2018, the police had been called to the couple’s home five times for different things, including an argument between the two living there. Because her boyfriend Steven was killed, Mary Katherine was the main suspect in the death of Steven Freeman, her long-term partner, who was found dead in the chest.

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