Where Is America Guinart living Now? Alejandro Fernandez, Ex-Wife, Children, and New Partner 2022, Explained the details

America Guinart and Alejandro are separated now, and they both shared a mutual relationship as a co-parent for their three children for many following years. America Guinart is a social media personality with a more acquired fan following recently. She has gained more popularity and began as an ex-wife of Alejandro Fernandez. He is a famous Mexican singer who works in many studios and lives albums. Her ex-husband is one of the best Hispanic Music artists, and he is one of the people in the world who has sold more than 20 million records worldwide till now. America came into the spotlight after she married Alejandro Fernandez. Many fans asked them why they did not marry after separating officially. But they did not share anything about their new relationship with the media. The following points will help you understand whether they both had romantic relationships with anyone in the next years.   

Where Is Alejandro Fernandez’s Ex-Wife, America Guinart, living now?

America Guinart is an architect by profession and raised to fame as the ex-wife of Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez. In the nineties, America and Alejandro were among Mexico’s most admired couples. Many people don’t know where America is living now after her divorce from Alejandro. She is living a happy life with her children and grandchildren, and she used to visit them regularly and spend more time with them. America used to be in a mutual relationship with Alejandro, and they both are good friends after their separation. She likes to gather family and works with her grandchildren and children. America will always help her children and grandchild in their careers. She was previously in a relationship with a Mexican businessman for many years, and after that, they both broke up their relationship because of some problems between them. But America did not disclose her relationship to the media and kept that secret.  

Who is Alejandro Fernández?

Alejandro Fernández is a famous Mexican singer who worked on many albums and singles songs. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on April 24, 1971, his father is also a singer, and because of that, he has been interested in music. He released the studio albums like Alejandro Fernández, Me Estoy Enamorando, A Corazón Abierto, Confidencias, Hecho en México, and many others. Alejandro is one of the Grammy award winners.    

America Guinart New Partner and How Many Children Does She Have?

Many people assume that America was in a relationship with someone now, but she did not disclose anything about that to the media. So she is single as of now, and she has three children together with Alejandro Fernández. Their children are Alex Fernandez, Camila Fernandez, and America Fernandez. Their elder son Alex is also a musician, and he used to perform along with his father. Their daughter Camila is also a singer.   

What is America Guinart Age now and her martial relationship with is Alejandro Fernández

America’s age is 50 now, and her date of birth and other information about her early life is unknown. She first met Alejandro Fernández in the nineties and started their relationship. In 1992, they married, lived happily, and had three children. Then 1998, they separated because of some misunderstanding between them.  

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