Where Is Colter Thomas Now? Carl Doty Murder Story, Details Discussed

Colter Thomas is a person who has revealed numerous beforehand particulars of his arrest as an adolescent on Tiktok. He is a convicted murderer who killed his sister’s rapists. Now he is dwelling in his free life, and Thomas is growing to be a compassionate person also on Tik Tok platforms after sharing his jail stories with his followers. The following will help you to know more details about Colter Thomas in detail. 

Who Is Colter Thomas?

Colter Thomas is a young person who was convicted of murder for killing Carl Doty, and he killed him because he is the alleged rapist of his sister. Thomas is one of the Energetic on Tik Tok platforms, and he established @TheColt3.0 on social media. In recent times his simple videos have been viral on social media, and he will used to share more about his jail life story and history in short clips.

In Tik Tok clips, he has coated his face with tattoos and obtained where he was serving in jail. In the video clip, he said that his sister was sexual assault when she was a child. He posted several motion pictures and also, and he raised his voice thought out for the assist sexual survivors who suffered from sexual suffering. Colter Thomas also established a website in his place to sell his merchandise. Most of the merchandise he was selling was created by Peter Pan.       

Colter Thomas Killed Carl Doty for Raping His Sister

Colter Thomas killed Carl Doty for raping his sister, and this incident happened twenty years before. Because of his incident, Thomas has served more than 19 years in jail. Thomas revealed data one among on in his Tik Tok data from March 21, 2021. Colter Thomas will sue to share simple Tik Tok videos explaining his jail life, which he lived for 20 years. He also said that the murder was 12 years outdated as of now.

When the incident happened, his sister was 14 years old, and on that date, she returned house with blood on her jeans. Later her family members asked about what happened, and she told her family that Carl Doty living within a neighborhood, had raped her. Then Thomas and 4 of his buddies listened to the sister and thrashed Carl with a bat and a crowbar; after that, Carl died because of an accident.   

Where is Colter Thomas living now after being Released from Prison?

Thomas has served in jail for more than 20 years, and he was launched from jail in 2021 for killing his sister, rapist Carl. After that, he created an account on Tik Tok and used to post a shorter video on it. In one of the Tik Tok videos, he revealed that he transferred to where he was allowed to work. More police and security were present at his working place, and Thomas escaped while working in McDonald’s, but later, he was arrested by police. After that, he did not escape from the police, and he spent his life in jail for 20 years.

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