Who Are Hayden Thorsen’s Parents, Sarah Thompson and Rob Thorsen, of 170 Ridge Acres Road, Darien, Connecticut? Details discussed!

A terrible death of a Darien High School student was disclosed in a message that was published on Facebook on May 22, 2022. Sarah Thompson and Rob Thorsen of Connecticut are the parents of their son Hayden. The tragic news of Hayden Thorsen’s death was also disseminated over social media, as stated by the Darien High School Parents Association. The Facebook post was published in the afternoon on Saturday by Ellen Dunn, the principal of DHS. People can speak with grief counsellors who have made themselves available to them during the weekend. Monday’s DHS opening will be two hours later than normal, so instructors may attend a meeting.

Hayden Thorsen’s parents, Sarah Thompson and Rob Thorsen of Darien, CT

The unexpected passing of their son has left Hayden’s doting parents, Sarah Thompson Thorsen and Rob Thorsen, in a state of utter devastation. Ellen Dunn, the principal of Darien High School, has informed the school community of the passing of Hayden Thorsen (DHS). When they are going through a difficult moment, their friends and family may count on the support of their instructors, classmates, and extended family. Everyone who knew and loved Thorsen is probably inconsolable at the news of his demise. Unfortunately, there is a lack of information on the burial rites for the deceased. The deceased’s relatives may post funeral and burial information on any website they like.

Personal details of Rob Thorsen and Sarah Thompson

Sarah and Rob lost their 16-year-old son Hayden. On May 23, 2022, he died without pain or discomfort. No information can be found on what exactly caused Hayden’s death. On the other hand, we have a good idea that Hayden’s parents are between the ages of 35 and 45. However, their actual age has not yet been disclosed to the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, it is not known if Thorsen killed himself or what caused his death at this time. He was a standout performer in the classroom and out on the ice. A student from DHS has passed away for the second time in as many months. On March 31, 2018, Matthew McEvoy, a teenager, died.

More informative details about Sarah Thompson and Rob Thorsen

It is estimated that Sarah Thompson and Rob Thorsen, both of Darien, Connecticut, have a net worth of between one hundred thousand and one million dollars in the United States. However, to protect their privacy and maintain their safety, their actual fortune has not been made public. The jobs that Hayden’s parents used to have are another mystery that has to be investigated at this point. The loss of their child has caused Saran and Rob to be overcome with sadness. The passing of Hayden Thorden has had effects that extend beyond the scope of his close family and acquaintances. Many of Hayden’s sports colleagues and admirers took to social media to remember him and express their condolences.

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