Who Is Christina Booth Washington? Washington’s mom tried to kill three crying children, Details discussed

In January of 2015, Washington state police arrested Christina Booth after she admitted to stabbing her three younger children. When Christina Booth’s babies started sobbing continuously on January 25, 2015, she called 911. Two police officers from Olympia were called to the Booth home, where they found 6-month-old twin girls sobbing hysterically on the sofa with blood coming from their necks. According to the documents filed with the court, one of the policemen went upstairs and spotted a third kid, a two-year-old girl covered in blood and laying on a mattress. She was in the same position as the other two children. Booth was taken into custody and sent to the police station, where she told investigators that she attempted to murder the kids so that her downstairs-sleeping husband could get some rest.

Who Is Christina Booth From Washington?

A woman named Christina Booth, a mother of three, allegedly stabbed her children in private because they were being noisy. As of January 2015, she was charged with attempted murder for allegedly slitting her children’s throats with a kitchen knife so they would be quiet for her army husband. Police believe she may have snapped under the strain of caring for her two-year-old daughter and twins, who are just six months old.

After their mother had surgery at a hospital about half an hour outside Tacoma, her children were placed in protective care. Thomas Booth, Christina Booth’s husband, reportedly told authorities that she was suffering from postpartum depression and had been under great stress while raising their children, as stated in court records. On Saturday night, he and his significant other poured themselves two large glasses of wine and watched a movie at home. He said that his partner had been drinking to the point that she was stumbling on her words.

Christina Booth Faces Child Attempted Murder Charges

There are three counts of attempted murder against Christina Booth, and all of them involve her children. She was arrested and jailed on three separate $3 million bails after police said she attempted to slit the throats of her young children because they wouldn’t stop crying. Special Forces Group member Thomas Booth of Joint Base Lewis-1st McChord will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Even though Thomas quickly saw the babies were bleeding, he missed the fact that the toddler had been hurt. Thomas, a Special Forces member, told investigators that he attempted to stop the bleeding while shouting for Christina to call an ambulance.

Christina Booth and Thomas Booth’s Family Bio

Christina Booth is from the state of Washington, and she and her husband Thomas have been given the gift of motherhood three times over. Each was content with their own family and children until, in January 2015, Christina stabbed her three children for making a disturbance and was subsequently arrested. Detectives said the woman drank two glasses of wine before the incident and tried to prevent her children from crying. Prosecutors told the judge they were worried that Booth’s drinking put her and her children in danger.

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