Who is Duke Dennis? Is It True That Duke Dennis Was Arrested? Accusations of Assault as well as Domestic Violence

Duke Dennis was arrested in 2021 after Greenville police filed criminal charges against him. American entrepreneur, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber Duke have amassed a large fan base. His films for the basketball video game NBA 2K have made him famous. A report that NBA e-sports player Duke has been arrested has made headlines online. The accusations started spreading when a mugshot of him was posted online. On his Twitch feeds, Duke has spoken about his recent arrest and his intention to prove his innocence.

What Happened with Duke Dennis’s Arrest?

Duke Dennis was arrested and charged with first-degree assault for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Subsequently, he was charged with sexual misconduct and spousal abuse. The YouTuber has justified his conduct, saying not everyone in prison is guilty. Duke was taken to jail and kept for a while. The good news is that he is not behind bars at the moment. He has returned and is even live on Twitch. After being freed from jail, the NBA 2K player spoke about his detention on Twitch. He stated that the claims were simply that and that he was innocent of any wrongdoing. Before joining the Greenville Police Department, he had a history of arrests. His first detention resulted from domestic violence charges related to prior incidents. Subsequently, he was charged with sexual misconduct and spousal abuse.

Accusations of Assault and Charges Against Duke Dennis

Duke faces three separate criminal charges. The first incident included domestic violence, while the second involved the sexual assault of a minor. Duke says he was a high school student at the time and isn’t accountable. The final charge looks to be military-related. Before devoting himself to streaming full-time, Dennis served in the United States Army. His most recent Twitch feeds depict him taking part in a shooting that included his cousin when he was in the military. According to the Greenville P.D., Duke has been arrested twice in his lifetime. 

The Net Worth of Duke Dennis Worth in 2022

Duke Dennis’ net worth might be $ 1 million-$5 million. Many people watch his videos on YouTube because of his inspiring content and infectious passion for soccer. Due to his YouTube videos, he has gained fame and fortune. He also profits from blazoners who purchase commercials to air during his movies. He has almost 1.35 million people that follow him on YouTube. His big audience allows him to attract compensated endorsement deals and collaborations.

Duke Dennis on Instagram

Duke Dennis posts photos and videos on Instagram under the username @dukedennis. He’s got 1.3 million verified Instagram followers and has only posted 14 times. He just has a photo of himself up on Instagram. Dennis has been importing NBA 2K videos into Twitch and YouTube since 2017. Additionally, he often releases video assessments. In 2013, he became a twitcher for the squad. He formed a channel on YouTube and uploaded footage of himself playing in made-up basketball games. In addition to his YouTube channel, Duke may be found on Twitter as @ImDukeDennis. He has 330.1k verified followers on Twitter.

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