Who is Eduardo Valseca? What happened to him? Personal and family details explored!

A Mexican drug cartel held Eduardo Valesca hostage and tortured him. So many people are curious about his current condition after hearing his story on NBC’s Dateline. Eduardo Valesca was kidnapped from his house in the past. The calm and joyful existence of the Valseca family in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, was shattered in June 2007 by a horrific occurrence. Forcibly removed from his home after dropping off his children at school, Eduardo Garcia Valseca was a dedicated father and community member. After that, he was imprisoned and tortured for the following seven months. The incredible account of how Eduardo stayed alive and was eventually released from the ranch is presented on Dateline: The Ranch on NBC News.

Who is Eduardo Valseca?

Eduardo Valseca was the son of a newspaper magnate in Mexico. He was a family man with three kids. He lived a nice life with his wife and three children. On June 13, 2007, however, he was kidnapped, and his life has never been the same. Jayne and his wife had just dropped off their kids at school and were on their way home when the unthinkable tragedy struck. A mysterious car was reportedly following them. After stopping their vehicle, they were ambushed. One of the attackers seized Eduardo, who had a hammer in his possession, at gunpoint, while another abducted Jayne.

Eduardo Valseca—what happened?

A group of heavily armed men kidnapped Eduardo Garcia Valseca, a Mexican businessman, in June 2007. When he paid an undisclosed sum of money, he was freed from captivity after being detained for over seven months. After his release, Eduardo revealed to the sources that he thinks his kidnappers took him for rich because his father used to run a newspaper chain. The reports claim that his kidnappers badly abused him and shot him twice, once in the knee and once in the arm, after they were not given their $8 million ransom.

More details on what became of Eduardo Valseca?

When Eduardo finally returned to his house in January 2008, he weighed less than 100 pounds and could neither walk nor talk. His wife Jayne told CNN that he “couldn’t even grin” since he was so weak after his ordeals. It took several hours of feeding him beverages and food before he could even speak, let alone smile with the kids. Shortly after, the family moved to the United States and spoke about the effects of international organized crime. The sources claim that his wife quickly succumbed to cancer once they arrived in the nation’s capital. Since then, he’s lived a quiet life far from the chaos of the city.

What happened to Eduardo Valseca’s wife?

A big crowd observed the death of Jayne Valseca. The internet frequently delivers Jayne Valseca information about a living person as though that person were deceased. Jayne Valseca’s death in 2016 was probably related to the cancer she was diagnosed with in 2012. The kidnappers did not hurt her, but the incident left an imprint on her mind. Reportedly, she succumbed to breast cancer. Eduardo is silent and heartbroken at other times but insists that God has ended her anguish. Since then, Eduardo and his family’s lives have changed drastically due to his terminal cancer diagnosis.

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