Who is Gareth Pursehouse? Amie Harwick’s Murderous Boyfriend: The Whole Story explained!

Gareth Pursehouse was present at the murder trial of Amie Harwick, which took place in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. What transpired between Amie Harwick and her boyfriend? Read this article to get more insight into the investigation of Gareth Pursehouse. The arrest of Gareth Pursehouse for the suspected murder of Amie Harwick took place on February 15, 2020. Gareth Pursehouse was an ex-boyfriend of Amie Harwick, who had previously been engaged to Drew Carey.

To be more exact, Gareth Pursehous was charged with one count of murder and one count of first-degree domestic housebreaking in 2020 for the death of Amie Harwick. These charges stemmed from Amie’s death. Gareth Pursehouse allegedly broke into Amie Harwick’s house, strangled her, and then tossed her from a balcony, which ultimately resulted in her death, according to the allegations made by Amie Harwick’s legal representatives. In addition, after paying a $2 million bond, he was released from prison and permitted to depart. Despite this, he is now being tried for murder in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County.

Where is Gareth Pursehouse? Killer Ex-Boyfriend of Amie Harwick

Since the start of the investigation into the death of Amie Harwick, Gareth Pursehouse has been working as a member of the defence team. Meanwhile, many people have been curious about where Gareth Pursehouse has been recently and why they haven’t seen him around. On the other hand, he is not presently behind bars since a judge has not ruled that he is responsible for the death of Amie Harwick. On the other hand, on March 9, 2022, Judge George Lomeli of the Los Angeles County Superior Court rejected the claims that Gareth’s legal team had submitted. Gareth’s defence counsel specifically said in September 2021 to a different court that there isn’t much evidence against Gareth in the murder case.

What is Gareth Pursehouse’s age? Personal details explained

Today marks the 43rd birthday of Gareth Pursehouse, born on this day in history. However, his exact birthdate is not yet readily accessible online significantly. He is a well-known photographer and was in a relationship with Amie Harwick from 2005 to 2010. Unfortunately, Gareth and Amie Harwick’s marriage in 2011 resulted in a divorce. However, after they broke up, Gareth continued to cause Amie Harwick troubles, to the point that she was forced to acquire a restraining order against him thanks to his abusive conduct.

Who Is Gareth Pursehouse’s Wife?

The investigation into the killing of Amine Harwick has put Gareth Pursehouse’s name front and centre several times in the media. At the same time, many worry about his partner’s well-being, and others may even be unsure whether he is now married or single. On the other hand, when it comes to his private life, he has not exactly been extremely honest with the public. Based on his recent actions in social settings, it’s safe to assume that he’s not quite ready to settle down just yet.

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