Who is Juri Hancurkan? Judge Dmytro Shurov Broke X-Factor Contestant’s Guitar, Details explored!

The outrageous behaviour that X Factor judge Dmytro Shurov displayed against Juri Hancurkan. Please read the article that follows to find out more information about him. Dmytro was not dismissed despite concerns about his cruel deed. There have been no declarations of public regret or apology coming from him. Juri was filled with complete hopelessness as he saw the heritage that his father had passed down to him crumble before his own eyes. People are demanding that the person who murdered Juri be brought to justice, and the hashtag #dmitryshurov is trending on Twitter. Several demands have been made for Shurov to be removed from his position as a judge.

Who is Juri Hancurkan?

The incident rendered Juri Hancurkan, the publicly embarrassed person, unable to find any solace in the world. He acknowledged that his father had presented him with the guitar just before he died. When the participant realized his father’s last treasured memory had been destroyed, he felt an overwhelming sense of loss. Dymtro Shurov, a judge on the Ukrainian version of X-Factor, is said to have smashed a contestant’s guitar during one of his performances. After hating the singer and the music, he smashed the guitar onstage. The crowd and the judges were taken aback at first, but as soon as he gathered his composure and returned to his seat, the audience and the judges started applauding again, and everything went back to normal.

Personal details of Juri Hancurkan

Juri Hancurkan may be 30–35 years old. Nothing can be located online that reveals his birth date or the location of his birth. Juri has decided to keep her life secret because her boyfriend is seldom seen in public. On the other hand, it seems that the musician is now in the middle of his thirties. When available, further information will be added to this article. Hancurkan stands at around 6 feet and has an incredible body.

What Happened to Dmytro Shurov After the Guitar Crash?

Dmytro Shurov, a well-known Ukrainian singer-songwriter, was a panellist on the Ukrainian version of “The X Factor.” He appeared on the show throughout both the eighth and the ninth seasons. Because he was dissatisfied with the contestant’s audition, he ripped away one of the contestant’s guitars and smashed it to pieces while they were performing. The actions of the other judges perplexed them, and they felt powerless to stop them from continuing. The contestant started crying and said that his father had given him the guitar as a gift when he was younger. Even though the program has been around for a long time, it has just recently started making the rounds on the internet again. It is not quite clear whether or not he was kicked out of the program due to the incident. Dmytro Shurov, on the other hand, has not commented on the situation. Since 2019, the show has been suspended from airing for an undetermined time.

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